Scotland is home to some of the most amazing spots if you love adventure, nature, hilly landscapes, dramatic skies and well…capricious weather conditions.

If you’re lucky enough to live there but don’t feel like compromising any longer on your yearly sun allowance (and tan), you’re likely to be planning on going away this summer.

Unsurprisingly, according to the Daily Mail, the average British holiday in 2015 will consist of a ten days trip to sunny Spain. But for a little change and adventure, we thought we’d have a look at some underrated and suntastic summer destinations directly connected to Scotland.

We have picked Edinburgh airport as a starting point because it is close to all major Scottish cities so you should be able to get there easily whether you’re a short bus ride away or even if you have to get the car and use the park and fly options available.

What’s more, it’s used by all the major low-cost airlines so finding tickets on the cheap to the following destinations is pretty easy if you can book a few months ahead.



Switzerland is not all snowy peaks and gourmet chocolate. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Swiss Alps in the summer?

This incredibly dramatic mountain range turns into a dreamy landscape with incandescent green pastures and refreshing uncrowded lakes, perfect if you love hiking and swimming.

Lower areas (typically around the lakes) will get pretty warm, with 20 °C on average and a maximum of 35 °C. Another good reason to fly to Geneva and discover Switzerland between June and August is that chalets will be much less expensive than during ski season and you should be able to find top accommodation very easily.



Croatia turns into a very busy and touristy business in the summer months. However, while many head straight to Dubrovnik to wander in the charming old town, Split really is where it’s at.

This very lively city offers lots of things to do and visit, with a heritage dating back to Roman times. Among its top features are the Diocletian palace, stunning beaches, a city park stretching over a verdant peninsula as well as authentic and affordable food spots.

Spend a few days in town and catch a ferry to one of the many surrounding islands when you’re tired of the crowds  — each of them has a unique vibe and personality allowing for never-ending exploration.



Ideally located in the South of France, Marseille has suffered from a bad reputation for a while — even among French people. In reality, it’s a lovely and busy Mediterranean town, full of authenticity and with something for everyone.

It’s also an ideal starting point if you’re planning on renting a car to start exploring the beautiful French Riviera.

Hang around Cours Julien to find hip bars and arty shops and book stores. Go for a walk in the old town that remains as charmingly dainty as a small French village from days gone by.
Lastly, don’t miss the port and the fishermen’s banter and plan a visit to the impressive MuCem museum, inaugurated as recently as 2013.