Madame Tussauds is one of the most famous attractions in the world and the wax museum in London attracts thousands of people every week. This sight has a number of locations around the world in China, Germany, the United States and Australia. The museums are named after a real person called Madame Marie Tussaud born in Strasbourg, France. Her mother served as a housekeeper for Dr Philippe Curtius in Switzerland who created wax models to illustrate anatomy. He taught her the complex art of wax modelling and she produced her first sculpture of the famous French writer and historian Voltaire in 1777.

Marie ended up becoming more famous than her mentor and was actually invited to be part of the court of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. She also made the death masks of her employers when they were executed in the French Revolution. In 1835 Marie opened a museum in London and one of the main attractions was a Chamber of Horrors. In 1940 the venue was hit by German bombs and more than 350 heads were destroyed. Today the London branch includes wax figures of the royal family, sports stars and historical figures. Travellers from around the globe come to take their pictures with these famous people. 

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Another fun fact is that Madame Tussauds wanted to make a wax figure of Mother Teresa but she denied them the opportunity. She claimed she wanted people to remember her work rather than her physical being. An interesting statistic about the creation of a waxwork is that it takes about 150 measurements for artists to generate a good likeness. Queen Elizabeth is one of the few people that have modelled a number of times through the years as she has grown older. The figures are also created two per cent larger than the person actually is in real life, as the wax is supposed to shrink throughout the process of creating the work.

The smallest waxwork Madame Tussauds has ever made is of the character of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. Waxworks have been made of other figures of fiction such as Shrek and the Incredible Hulk. Another fun fact is singer Ozzy Osbourne actually posed as himself scaring members of the public in 2010 in the New York branch. Madame Tussauds is a popular destination that clearly reigned supreme for years and still entices tourists to its doors. The London branch, based in Marylebone, has regular special exhibitions that are ideal for fans.