The city of Prague is arguably the most beautiful city in Europe. It has been a hotspot for travelers and fashion lovers from around the globe. It has everything to make it one of the most famous and unique cities of modern times. In fact, it is.

As it is a popular city, you can expect thousands of people are moving around in herds on a sunny day. If you are not fond of too many people, get ready to witness others flocking around town while you gaze the historic stone bridges from the 14th century.  The Vltava is a spectacle to witness as the lazy river gave inspiration to many pieces of classical music in the 19th century.  The city also has perfectly preserved castles and hilltops that can challenge any views you have seen in the past from a summit.

Beers and more

Prague is very popular for having the best-flavored beers in the world. If you haven’t tried them yet, you are certainly missing out on a lot.

Pilsner Urquell was the first pilsner lager produced in Czech in 1842. The beer has inspired almost all the beer brands in the world. The Czechs were not only the inventors but are also considered the best brew producers of all time. The fantastic beer culture has produced many local brews that have surpassed the popularity of popular brands like Staropramen and Urquell.  Get ready to hear the names of Svijansky rytir or Kout na Sumave in the pubs around Prague. If you taste them once, you will want them forever.

Night sights that take your breath away

There are many night sights in Prague that are crafted to improve your experience of the city manifolds. The municipal house is a stunning example of 20th-century craftsmanship with its alluring interiors that hosts events, performances, exhibitions and much more. The building is a sight to appreciate, especially in the night when it’s lit which brings out its best look. You can also dine at the famous restaurants: The French restaurant or Pilsen restaurant. You can also enjoy the American Bar which is the second oldest bar in the continent.

Prague also has its own spectacular structures that give a panoramic view of the city. You can view the nightlife of Prague from Petrin Tower which is 60m tall.  It sits on the Petrin Hill (318m) and is surrounded by a magnificent rose garden. You can use a telescope to view the horizon or other top summits of Prague.  It also has a Hall of Mirrors with cafes that can provide everything you need for a memorable night.  People interested in astronomy can visit the Stefanik Observatory to know more about the discoveries from Petrin Tower.

The city also has the perfect countrysides for the wanderers and nature lovers. You can discover ancient chapels, old-school bars, gardens and cafes without the city noise. The place is ready to get explored from curious travelers that do not mind visiting places that do not offer modern luxuries.  If you really want to have a lifetime experience then visit Prague as it has a lot to offer rather than picturesque buildings and beautiful places to eat. Your wishlist just had another contender.