A lot of people might be under the impression that it takes a decent amount of wealth to go on holiday or travel the world. But, going on holiday with no money is actually surprisingly easy, especially if you manage to keep an open mind. So, don’t fret if you’re in debt. Here are some tips on how you could survive with no money on your travels:

Get travel insurance before you go

While this tip might not be much help when you’re already stranded abroad, it’s a good idea to get travel insurance before you go just in case you run out of money later on. There are plenty of companies that can offer you travel insurance packages to keep you covered on your trip, and you can compare them easily online to find the best rates. But, if you’re a European citizen and are planning on travelling around Europe, an EHIC card is going to come in handy.  You can apply for an EHIC card online to give you basic health insurance in almost any country in Europe. You can apply for one free on the NHS or you can visit ehic.co.uk to get your application preapproved before it’s submitted. With one of these babies you don’t have to worry about expensive doctor’s bills that you can’t afford.

Make money while you holiday

If you have truly run out of money – literally do not have a nickel to your name – then your only option is to find employment if you don’t want to get shipped home. If you’re backpacking you’d be glad to know that there are hostels all over the world willing to give travellers down on their luck some short term work in exchange for room and board. If you need cash, you’re going to have to apply for a visa and get a proper job in the area. As long as you’ve got your food and shelter sorted, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Otherwise, if you already have a visa, you can sign up for a work trade. There are lots of organisations that can arrange for you to work around the world and you don’t have to pay anything. Your work will pay for room and board.

Pay less for what you need

There’s tons of free and cheap stuff you can take advantage of when you’re travelling and they can come in real handy when you’ve run out of money. Sign up on couchsurfing.com to find free couches to sleep on near you, get a bike and cycle instead of using the car, skip the restaurants and buy from grocery stores, or get some tourist cards and rail passes to get discounts over some of the tourist cities. If you want to save money you should probably keep your distance from the tourist attractions. Everything tends to be more expensive the closer you are to the most popular tourist sites. Stay off the beaten path to get better prices for what you need.