Education is always a workable and positive thing for our lives, and so is fun.  Integrating the two could possibly produce amazing results.  This isn’t just a learning experience for the kids, either.  Take yourself on the journey as well.  

Plan out a trip to four destinations that represent these four elements: earth, wind, water, and fire.  You will be pleased with the experience, to say the least.  It also gives you a fun theme to pursue along the way.  

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.  Here is a quick overview of four places around the world that will enlighten you further to the power of these elements.  

Earth’s power shown clearly

The power of the Earth’s physical movement is compelling.  We all know what happens when two of the Earth’s tectonic plates decide to move, even just a little.  You end up experiencing an earthquake, and/or building a mountain.  The mountain is your lesson.  

Teach your children how they are formed, and go visit your choice of beautiful mountain destinations all around the world.  The lesson will not be soon forgotten.  We all retain information more effectively when we can link that information to a physical experience.  

The strength of the winds

To turn a lesson about wind into an enjoyable travel destination, you should consider visiting some cities in Australia that are affected by red dust storms.  The wind in the flatlands is actually powerful enough to carry the red dust far enough to reach the major cities on occasion.  You could even use the spectacle of wind turbine fields, and explain how we turn wind into electricity.  Either way, there are plenty of educational windy opportunities wherever you might be located.  

Water at its finest

The power of water is one of the easiest elements to explore.  Take your family to the beach, and let them feel the power of a wave knocking them around a bit.  You could take them to visit the Grand Canyon, and explain how water formed the vast rocky canyon into what we see today.  The extreme visual of looking up from the bottom of Horseshoe Falls would also be an amazing opportunity to mix a little education with enjoyment.  You can actually take a cruise out into the water when you visit Niagara Falls.  What kid wouldn’t be down for that?

The fires burn deep

Fire will be the most fun of all of the elements to explore.  Visit one of the world’s most active volcanos.  Dig up information on the old story of what happened in the city of Pompei.  Fire is a powerful element, and respect should be the number one lesson in this particular area.