Spa holidays are becoming increasingly popular and there are a number of resorts around the world. Discover the top 10 world resorts for spa relaxation.

Spa holidays offer the ultimate in relaxation. Children-free and geared up to help you forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many luxury spa holidays will come complete as a package deal and holidaymakers will have the opportunity to try new treatments as part of their trip.

Nowadays, spa retreats are located all over the world, with some top destinations in the Caribbean, East Asia and Australia. Tropical countries are particularly popular and guests can stay for just a few days or potentially many weeks at a time. Some of the treatments and services available include facials and skin wraps, mud baths, manicures, pedicures and sugar scrubs. Guests can also enjoy water therapy, such as hot tubs, pools and saunas.

Read on for our top 10 destinations for 2015!

1. Marrakech, Morocco


Morocco’s Marrakech is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for tourists. This Moroccan city has an abundance of spas and there’s the opportunity to relax in one of the beautiful resorts on offer, with manicures, pedicures, fitness centres, pools and much more.

2. Cornwall, England


You may not think it, but the UK offers some excellent spas too! For another of the world’s top 10 spa retreats, we’re closer to home in southwest England. Cornell is a beautiful part of the country, where British holidaymakers often visit for the peace and relaxation. It makes much sense to have a high quality spa resort in this area, namely The Scarlet Hotel.

3. Alicante, Spain



In Alicante you’ll find the popular SHA Wellness Clinic spa destination. This resort is genuinely focused on improving guest’s health and offers the full package, including organic meals and ailments.

4. Sugar Beach, St Lucia



The Sugar Beach spa resort in St Lucia has recently been renovated but has still managed to maintain its fantastic rustic appeal. St Lucia is an incredibly popular country for adult holidays and the Sugar Beach offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

5. MAIA, Seychelles



For a simple spa resort that helps you to relax almost instantaneously, the MAIA destination is certainly a wonderful location. Enjoy open-air treatments and the natural sounds of birds and waterfalls whilst you relax in this haven.

6. Chang Mai, Thailand

Wat by Night - Chaingmai Thailand


Thailand offers some of the world’s most beautiful spas and as a country is certainly receiving plenty of income from tourism. The Dheva Spa is one of the country’s finest and includes 18 treatment rooms decorated with silk, polished teakwood and marble tiles.

7.  Rangali Island, Maldives



Rangali Island is part of the Maldives, a common destination for honeymooners. As you would expect of this beautiful region, the spa resort overlooks turquoise lagoons and incredible beaches.

8. Forte Village, Sardinia



The Forte Village Resort provides a comprehensive service to every visitor, including the new Rejuvenation Ayurveda Garden. With plenty of treatments on offer, you can enjoy first-class body massages and relaxation therapy.

9. Hayman Spa, Hayman Island



Hayman Island in Australia is a luxury spa resort, with a beautiful environment for all visitors to fall in love with. This island setting is perfect for those seeking relaxation in the sun, with tropical fish and the ocean waves on all sides.

10. Sis Senses Spa, Jordan



It might not be the first country you’d think of when it comes to spa resorts, but this Arab destination is built beneath a natural hot spring waterfall. It’s some 264 metres below sea level and the resort makes the most of mineral-rich waters for a range of excellent treatments.



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