If you’ve travelled enough then you’ll be fully aware that delays just seem to form part of travelling. It’s almost inevitable and if you’ve had to endure delays the very first time you travel, then at least you know exactly what to expect going forward, from the get-go. So yes, delays are just part and parcel of travelling, but the manner in which they inconvenience you can work out to your favour in the end if you take the time to explore the options you have available to you with regards to possible claims.

Stanton Fisher Flight Compensation claims are on the rise as this specialist financial claims company wins more and more cases for clients who initially didn’t even know that they could be eligible for some compensation due to delays in their flights. This is in no way a result of a marketing offensive of any sort by the financial claims company since they don’t cold call any clients and their no-win-no-fee operational methodology suits all parties involves, believe it or not, including the airlines against which the claims are made.

Look, as much as airlines and airport staff are notoriously horrible at dealing with the frustrations of passengers faced with flight delays, they’re quite surprisingly cooperative when it comes to making good on compensating passengers once a claim is laid, but you’ll get more frustrated if you try to go it alone. Firstly, you probably won’t even know where or how to start, otherwise the airlines don’t want to tarnish their reputation and so they’re generally very cooperative.

Even if you do go through the process of claiming compensation though, by the time you get the money due to you you’ll have probably already been on a few more trips and had to deal with more delays, so the fact that you can indeed get compensated for delays takes nothing away from the fact that you’ll still have to deal with delays as an inevitable part of travelling.

Don’t count on the compensation money as a given, even though if you’ve had delays of more than three hours within a period dating back up to six years you have a good chance of getting compensated. Simply think of the money you’d be getting as a bonus that would be a nice addition to your next travel budget, or whatever else you could really use it for when you get it.

Otherwise as a regular traveller, it’s business as usual by way of factoring flight delays and other delays into your travel plans. You really shouldn’t let them get to you too much, although I know in the moment it may prove to be extremely frustrating.

Some of the best travel stories begin with: “Our flight was delayed,” or “I had to sleep at the airport because I missed my connecting flight,” so as much as delays appear to eat into your vacation time, thinking of them as just another part of the journey will go a long way in softening the blow — that and taking solace in the fact that you could be eligible to claim some compensation, of course.