Bucket listers generally like to play it “safe” to a certain extent by adding those items to their bucket lists which are really quite realistically achievable and they also never really like to make too much of an extensive bucket list. As safe and solid as the main bucket list may be, a secondary, more dynamic one tends to develop around the main one and at some or other point some of the items you cross off more spontaneously from the “secondary” bucket list are added to the main one.

I guess that was a rather complex way of trying to say that I’ve since added another item to my bucket list, but haven’t officially put it down in ink yet. That item is a cross country road trip which is to be completed by bike!

Don’t get me wrong or anything – we’re not going to be making a huge spectacle out of it and I say “we” because my partner in crime has plans to do it with me. It’s just one of those personal challenges which has been long in the making, merely starting out as a passing thought brought about by the curiosity of learning just exactly what it would take to do a cross-country road trip by bike.

Spotting what looks like the perfect collection of bikes for sale in bike store, Cube Mountain Bikes, only served to add fuel to the fire because then it started becoming less of a thought and more of a reality that can actually be accomplished….turning dreams into goals and all that…

So it appears as if we have two options, one of which is to add a bit of spice to it, pack some light camping gear so that we can camp along the way and the other being breaking the road-trip up into bite-sized chunks. As is the case with tattoos, I heard this sort of thing can be really addictive, so I reckon we should first do the segmented cross-country cycling road-trip before going all in with the cycling-tour-cum-camping adventure.

So with the segmented option it would perhaps be a matter of mapping out the whole route and then stopping over at some places of accommodation we would have already booked at.

Don’t quote me on any exact times to take the leap though – a lot of things will have to come together for it to happen, but one thing that’s for sure is the fact that we’ll need some highly specialised equipment, such as bikes that can handle that much cycling within a very short space in time.

The plan is not to cover every single inch of the road along the road trip though. I mean I think it would only make sense to perhaps take a train ride or two along the way to get to the best places from which to launch the subsequent leg of the cross-country cycling road-trip. Either way, it should be a lot of fun and although no concrete plans have been made yet, I’m already looking forward to it.