Holidaymakers and tourists usually plan their getaways well in advance, even going as far as booking accommodation early so as to take advantage of some early-bird savings, if any of those are available. Part of the planning process does indeed involve the budget and the financial dynamics surrounding your trip, which can actually be said to be the main concern. With all the careful planning and budgeting done however, as a traveller you’ll find that you can never really get it perfectly planned in terms of balancing the scale between what you thought would be enough for a particular trip and what you actually go on to spend in reality. It’s not always for the worse however, because sometimes you go back home with more money than you thought you’d have once the vacation is over, even if it was indeed a completely fulfilling trip during which you didn’t miss out on a single thing.

Even a vastly experienced traveller can never quite get the guesswork right as to how much exactly you need to visit a place you might have even previously been to already. That’s just the way it is, especially considering some destinations are known to endorse the practice of inflating prices for tourists. Either way, even if you do have a handsome budget for your next getaway, it helps to have a list of some holiday entertainment activities you can engage in to either pass some time, or specifically to save a bit of your money for some other holiday essentials.

Sightseeing & Hiking

Armed with your camera, sightseeing might give you away as a visitor to whichever destination you find yourself in, but then again nobody is going to look at you funny for looking just a little too hard and long at some of the local fixtures the locals themselves don’t even look twice at anymore, if they ever did at all. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bring back some snaps of iconic landmarks or unique features and developments which make each destination what it is. You’ll pass a lot of time simply hunting your destination’s equivalent of Paris’ Eiffel Tower or Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, for example. This also counts as a form of informal hiking, but if there are some safe hiking trails with unguided hiking tours allowed, that’s another great way to entertain yourself for free while on vacation.


If a picnic basket isn’t too much to carry, then perhaps your sightseeing excursions and hikes can be topped-off with a nice picnic, especially if you’re not alone.

Beach Entertainment

The beach is an iconic part of what represents a vacation for most people and it offers a lot of free holiday entertainment. Public beaches are always great for sunbathing and taking the complementary dip in the sea, while a lot of beaches like that on the Spanish island of Ibiza come alive every now and then to host insane beach parties.


Everybody loves a tourist who speaks and perhaps looks a bit different, even though it may just be a way to try and get you to open up your wallet and spend some money. Stopping for a chat every now and then can turn out to be more than just a way to understand the local scene from the educated point of view of a local, as it could also put you in line for some further free entertainment, like getting invited along to a party or having an extra place set for you at someone’s dinner table.