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Money Saving in Paris – My Top Tips

Paris is exorbitant? Let’s bust that myth right now… I’ve been visiting Paris on and off since I was little, with my most recent visit being in the late winter of 2014. In the time I’ve been visiting this amazing city, it’s fair to say there’s been a lot of change. Paris like London, like […]


Welcome to Liverpool!

There are a wonderful array of attractions awaiting you in Liverpool, from spectacular galleries and museums to the most successful football team in English history. The city also has a huge selection of free activities, and a wide selection of stores for shopaholics.


How to Keep Fit While You Travel

Travelling is one of the best and most life enriching experiences you can have, but passing through different time zones, sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses and long days flights can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. At home you get up for work at 6am, eat three set meals and use an indoor bike in spin […]