Amazing Locations and Activities for the Ultimate Stag Do

When your best friend decides that it’s time to settle down and make a lifetime commitment to his significant other, it’s clear that things got serious. There’s no need to worry though, in fact this could be a great opportunity to celebrate. A Stag Do is the perfect way to wrap up a very exciting chapter of one’s life and it is up to the friends of the lucky man to make all the proper arrangement. The good news is that there are plenty of options and top European locations await party loving fellows.

Spread your wings and dare to dream big

There’s no point in limiting yourself to your country of residence, no matter how spectacular it might be. Your best mate will have plenty of time to explore the surroundings, not to mention that he is probably already familiar with most of it. A Stag Do should be different, special on so many levels and that’s why a trip beyond borders is a great idea. These popular stag do locations are guaranteed to turn any party into a fantastic event whose memory will linger in one’s mind for years to come.

Amsterdam is definitely at the top of the list for obvious reasons, followed closely by Barcelona, Dublin and Prague. Friendly people, beautiful girls and simply delicious beer serve as great ingredients in the recipe for a successful stag do. The more people you bring along, the better it gets and you can rest assured that the lucky fellow will enjoy the party tremendously.

Don’t forget about London though, because this is a city that never sleeps and has so many stag do options. When in town, make some time for sightseeing because it would be a shame not to see any of the landmarks just because you recover from a brutal hangover. Spend the day to visit the beautiful city and the nights to party hard in many of its hundreds exclusive palms and clubs.

There’s always time for a little gambling

London is also a great place for those who enjoy casino games, with some great establishments. A stag do will be enhanced by a little gambling, not to mention that you have the chance to win some ice cold cash in the process. Get yourself familiar with the commotion around the roulette table, the enthusiasm surrounding craps players and the sound of spinning slot reels.

When time is of the essence and you don’t have time to visit a land-based casino, the online counterparts are a great alternative. can be the perfect place to start if you seek diverse entertainment and a secure gaming environment. You can play all the popular casino games and also cash in on some exclusive bonuses and money back offers.