If you’re at a loss for ideas for a theme around which to plan your next road-trip, here’s one for you — a casino themed one. They’re the best because they make sure you always have somewhere to go and something to do.

Hitting Physical Casinos

Simply map out a path of all the casinos you’d love to hit, obviously following a path which will have you visiting each next casino on the list which is in the closest proximity to the last one you hit. There’s a lot to do and see at many casinos, beyond just hitting the gaming floor and gambling, although that’ll probably be the main order of the day since that’s the whole point of a casino-themed road trip.

Complementing Physical Casinos with Online Casinos

The casino gaming fun doesn’t have to stop while you’re driving between casinos, from one to the next one on your list of casinos to hit. You can keep the fun going with online casino games, whether you’re playing online free casino games purely for fun or if you place some bets with real money. Obviously you can’t play while you’re the one driving, unless of course you have some auto-spins going and you’re keeping an ear out on proceedings by just listening to the sounds which will tell you if you’ve won or not, but then that kind of takes the fun out of it all and it’s meant to be fun above everything else. When you’re not driving however, you can definitely extend the casino-themed road-trip fun with some online casino games.


If you go with the right online casino platforms (there are plenty to choose from), you will be in for some great chances to win some big money and benefit from special promotional offers, in addition to all the fun you’ll have of course.

Racking Up Loyalty Points

A lot of physical casino operators realise that there’s an increasing shift towards online casino platforms and if they don’t care to admit it then the numbers surrounding their gambling guests will let them know. Consequently, many physical casino franchises also operate in the digital space to get their slice of the cake, which means that their loyalty and rewards programmes are interlinked with those of their gamblers who only play online. So if you can manage to sniff out such casino franchises that exist both physically and online, you can be in for some great loyalty rewards by perhaps earning loyalty points through your online gaming and then redeeming them physically, like perhaps exchanging them for a couple of nights’ stay in the resident casino hotel.

What better way is there to truly immerse yourself in a casino-themed road-trip? Read more about casinos which offer some or other form of rewards or loyalty programmes.