How often do you think “What a great shot” while looking at your holiday photos? Chances are that it happens quite regularly. Having said this, are you the type of person that just stores these shots on your computer or hard drive where they just sit and wait to be seen again? If so, it may be time to reconsider your actions and explore the many different options that are available to you when it comes to wanting to showcase your holiday snaps.

Choosing a selection of your favourite snaps and getting them printed onto canvas is by far one of the best ways to display your holiday photos while sharing them with other people too.  The results can be truly stunning, and not only do they perfectly capture and showcase memories, they also look great and can do a lot for the interior design of any home.


Advantages of Using Canvas Prints

Besides being relatively low cost when compared to traditional photo printing, getting your holiday photo’s printed on canvas also holds other advantages:

Big Pictures: By far the biggest advantage of photo canvas prints is the ability to get your picture printed in a really big size. Regardless of how large you decide you want your picture to be, canvas prints do not require enormous, expensive frames. In addition, canvas photo prints wrap around the structure giving pictures a professional looking finish that will enhance the décor of any room.

Lightweight: Whether you choose to have a print of your favourite beach that covers a whole wall, or a smaller portrait print of you and your travel companions, canvas makes the job easier because it can be hung anywhere in your home due to its light weight.

Custom Personalised Pictures: If you have just come back from a memorable holiday, or are going through old holiday photos to find the right picture to print, canvas printing offers a wide range of customisation options. From personal memories and family pictures in the home to unique gifts for loved ones, there are many ways a canvas print can be used.


How to get the Best Look from Your Canvas Print

To get the best look for your holiday pictures, it is best to decide where the print is going to hang first, and then take some time to choose an image that will wrap well. Make sure to choose an image with rich and vibrant colours, and sending your chosen printers a high-resolution shot of that image will guarantee the best results.

Insider’s tip! Especially for larger pictures, and in some cases even the smaller ones, making it a point to enlarge your picture to a bigger size, than the dimensions you need, eliminates having a mat or frame moulding in the finished print.

Given the fact that travelling to new countries and experiencing new adventures creates awesome travel snaps, it makes perfect sense to capture these and have your special memories instilled in your home décor.