When people who are in a profession they can truly say they’re passionate about, talking shop becomes about more than just going through the motions and discussing relatable, familiar topics as a means through which to perhaps break the ice. This is why attending something like a bloggers’ convention never presents any moments of dull, shop-talking conversations. Different bloggers covering different topics and niches as the subjects of their blogs provide a window into so many different worlds, one of which really caught my attentions since it resembled the life of a blogger who appears to really be living the ultimate blogger’s dream.

The Travel Blogger who Makes Money through Online Gambling

Being a travel blogger myself, I know all about how a lot of blogs fall short of offering advice and content which comes from a place of experience. Yes, one can become an expert on a topic if they only take some time to conduct some research on that topic. If you’re a particularly good writer, that comes together beautifully with some research skills to create some of the best blogs online.

Often though, bloggers don’t really live what they blog about as their everyday realities, perpetuating illusions of success and actually leading very lonely lives of constant shortage, plans which aren’t solid, and way less success than they claim to enjoy. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

So that’s why I was rather intrigued by the travel blogger who writes about their travels which are funded by online gambling as his source of income — a good source of income by the looks of things. Of all the bloggers’ stories I’ve come across, I can honestly proclaim to believe this particular one for two reasons, number one — he is a blogger who posts regular, relevant content, most of which features his own experiences (with the photos to prove it). Number two, he’s quite willing to share which online gambling platforms he frequents to make his money, many of which regularly hold complementary competitions which quite fittingly coincide with his traveller’s lifestyle.

The online gambling platform he uses to play the American lotto for example always seems to have some competition going, the most recent of which featured a prize of a luxury cruise for two. These are just some of those things that go well together because in this instance it’s like one has more chances of winning and winning a prize that has everything to do with the lifestyle he aspires to live, beyond the chance to win loads of money of course.

To top it all off, this travel blogger who makes money from online gambling isn’t selling any of his “secret betting formulas” or some e-book which teaches people all about turning gambling into a good source of income. He is simply living all of that and I’d share his details over here, but I’d rather he paid me to do that. What I can positively acclaim though is that I learned that gambling can be a good source of income if approached right.