Photo credit: Pixabay

Do you need some fantastic exhilarating activities to add to your bucket list? Take a look at these ten awesome once in a lifetime things to try. 

1.      Bungee Jumping

When you talk about extreme activities, bungee jumping is usually up there with the first things you will think about. Feel the thrill of stepping off the edge and into nothing but air below, only to be pulled back up and dropped to feel that thrilling experience again and again.

2.      Rally Driving

Learn how to handle these full-spec rally cars and then take a passenger ride with a professional to show you how it is really done. Handbrake turns, power slides and handling corners and bends are all part of the fun.

3.      Skydiving

Another popular bucket list choice, skydiving is or the brave and adventurous. You are actually jumping out of a plane and hurtling down to earth at top speeds. Enjoy the glide once the parachute opens and you land safely on the ground.

4.      Climb a mountain

One of the most popular bucket list outdoor activities in the UK is to climb a mountain. It might be a specific mountain which requires lots of training and equipment, or it could be the achievement of climbing to the top of any officially named mountain, even if you are only moderately fit.

5.      Dive with sharks

Taking a dive in a cage surrounded by sharks can sound to some like a crazy idea. But others will jump at the chance to spend time face to face with these fearsome creatures. Whatever you do don’t watch jaws before your dive!

6.      Wing Walking

Stand on top of a bi-plane, get strapped in and wait for the take off. You will be surfing on the wings whilst the plane is in mid-flight and doing various aerial manoeuvres. Don’t worry you will be taught how to communicate with the pilot with hand signals before you set off.

7.      Spend a night Wild Camping

Sleeping under the stars is something that everyone dreams of at some point, however wild camping is a little different. It’s just you and the wilderness, not campsite and no facilities, you’ll have to brave the outdoors all on your own. Sounds fantastic for nature lovers!

8.      Cliff jumping

Jumping off a cliff sounds pretty dangerous and it is without the correct instruction. It might sound incredibly extreme but you will get such a buzz taking a running jump and landing in the waters below. Make sure you book an instructor as you need to know where you can safely land in the waters.

9.      Body Zorbing

Body zorbing is the latest craze on the activity scene. Where participants put on a zorb-ball from the head to the waist and play games in teams. One for families to enjoy together with a lots of v games to choose from including 5-a-side football, bulldog, Pac-man & tag.

10. Formula 1 driving

Race around the tracks just like the professionals when you try driving in a formula 1 vehicle. You’ll receive instruction from a trainer before making laps yourself, try to get your best time and beat your fastest team mates.

What’s on your bucket list? Did any of these make the cut?