Travellers are sometimes referred to as some of the most fickle bunch of people you’ll ever meet, but most of us travellers will gladly wear that tag because being too attached to something can make for a rather irrational way of living your life. So what if you were born in one place and you fall in love with another to the point that you consider relocating there? So I’m normally not a brand loyal being — I go with what the best is for me at the time, but in line with Ford’s celebration of the 40 year history of their Fiesta supermini, I realised that sometimes brand loyalty does pay off.

Used Ford Fiesta Van retailer Van Monster took a look back at the decorated car’s impressive history and that got me thinking about how my general loyalty to this make of car saved me quite a bit of money while travelling. As with everything else, just about, travelling doesn’t escape the firm clutches of inflation and so travelling generally gets more expensive with each passing year.

If you look at the features and technical specifications of the iconic Ford Fiesta as a great choice for a car to take on a road trip, it appears as if it has evolved with the road-tripper in mind. There are many indicators to look at in support of this, not least of which is better fuel economy.

If for instance you incrementally upgraded your Ford Fiesta to the latest model as each of these models was released, the number of miles per gallon you could get out of each new model increased, with the Mk1 managing 41,5 miles per gallon, the Mk2 43,9, then there was a substantial jump with the Mk3, managing to cover 49,3 miles to the gallon.

The Mk4 to the current Mk7 models went a bit backwards with regards to the fuel consumption, but that was more than made up for in many other respects, such as improved performance, better overall car safety and even features such as the number of doors. All of these are very important to road-trippers because it means that even if you’re perhaps hiring a Ford Fiesta for your road-trip as opposed to buying one, you get cheaper rates while still getting a whole lot of car.

Throughout the years of its production, the Ford Fiesta has always but always been in for some sort of award, whether it’s something like “Car of the Year” by popular vehicle publications or indeed coming in as the car which saw the most sales. This is not without good reason. There’s always been something which just puts the cherry on top and solidifies the Fiesta as the best supermini, to this very day. You think of the EcoBoost engine the latest model has and it’s just a great marriage between efficiency and power, each of which are delivered when required, in addition to the practicality that comes with having the option to go with the five-door hatch version if you perhaps live in a compact area with limited space to manoeuvre in.