My partner and I definitely think of ourselves as modern travellers. Traveling is such a huge part of our lives and we’re so glad we have the chance to go around the world. We’re constantly improving how we travel, learning not just from our own experience but the experience of other people too–so thanks to our readers and other travel bloggers! The whole reason we started this is to put our adventures and perspectives on travel out there so hopefully someone else will benefit.

We’ve talked about a lot of things: where to go, how to get there, etc., but we haven’t ever talked about how we pick places to say. All I’ve got to say is booking sites need to step up their game. If there’s one thing that rankles me when I travel, it’s staying somewhere blah and boring. If I had to pick a close second in the irritation department, it’s the overwhelming amount of places to stay when you visit a place (well, in major urban areas anyway). It’s so frustrating to flip through pages and pages of hotels with seemingly fantastic amenities that you’ll really never use in what you think might be a great location…but then you arrive and nothing is quite like you expected. Wouldn’t it be great if websites curated their inventory to bring you only things that are relevant to what you’re looking for?

As such, I went on the hunt for just such. My husband and I do agree that a splurge is occasionally necessary, for example – we are totally in love with the Singita Sabora Tented Camp if we make it to Tanzania – and we’ve been hearing a lot about boutique hotels in the world of travel recently. I’ll admit I’m getting sucked into the idea of boutique hotels. They seem to be plugged into their local communities and unique to boot. It’s really amazing to see history and stories played out in entire spaces with tons of thought put into the design. Did I mention I love having our own private room and bathroom? I cannot overstate that (it’s the little things). Anyway, the whole idea of a getaway at a boutique hotel simply speaks to me as a traveller in search of new adventures. Due to their unique and bespoke nature though, it can be hard to find the exact hotel you wish. But wouldn’t you know it, someone has now created a great little site all about boutique hotels.


I’m so glad someone has developed this site. I was getting really tired of trying sort through everything on more on the big booking websites hoping to find something cool. So far, everything I’ve seen on this site is awesome! I love that the selection is small and the descriptions are fantastic…and I’m falling in love with hotels I really feel like I know. This is really making me want to go back to Paris or try out Berlin (turns out awesome style is really affordable there!).

Bottom line: I highly recommend adding this site to your list of travel resources. It’s informative, has a great selection of hotels in Paris, Berlin, New York, Miami and London covering budget hotels right up to luxury. I’ll be visiting it again with an eye for future stays.

Update: I’ve caught word that they’ll be adding worldwide inventory in the coming months, so keep your eye on the website.