With so many of us hugely looking forward to our hard-earned holidays every year, it’s understandable that we can end up spending a lot on all of the essentials and not-so-essentials.

Some sun lotion and shades can be a very wise investment, but do you really need seven bikinis, that expensive (but not exactly practical) party dress or wet-weather boots when you are staying in Spain at the height of summer?

Here are our favourite tips for keeping a lid on your summer clothing spending.

Have a ‘sell before you buy’ policy

Take a look at your current wardrobe. Maybe you’ve grown out of those leggings, or that cardigan that seemed like such a good idea last summer just hasn’t been worn?

Put it all on eBay, make 100 or so and then spend a guilt-free 100 on this year’s summer holiday wardrobe.


Only buy what you actually need

We’ve all done it – we’ve seen an amazing garment in the department store and just gone for it, knowing that we’ll look incredible in it… only to later notice something that we actually need but can’t afford, as we have already blown our budget.

So, before you buy anything this summer, make a priority list, based on what you are actually most likely to wear. It’s dull to do, but it will much-increase your chances of buying something of a high quality that will actually serve you well for year after year.

Make the most of online discounts

Remember that the web gives you all manner of options for saving money. Shop on auction sites, grab purchases at times of year when nobody’s buying holiday clothing – like the autumn and winter – and use price comparison sites to compare different online retailers.

Take a look at online money off vouchers for summer clothing, too – you may be amazed by how much a single Marks and Spencer or John Lewis voucher code enables you to buy.

Buy the pieces that everyone wears

If you are stumped as to what to purchase first, just go for the usual staples – swimwear, T-shirts, sun dresses and shorts. Once you have the basics sorted, you can move on to a couple of safe statement pieces that are eye-catching but versatile, so you can wear it for multiple occasions. A little black dress is of course versatile, but it can be too formal for some places, so pair it with a Leopard Print Back to increase the number of places you can wear it. You’ll also appreciate the lighter tone of the animal print: nobody wants to be wearing all black in 30 degree heat!

Even if you think you won’t need them, they’re always useful for those random trips out of your hotel or accommodation and they minimise the likelihood of you having to buy anything on impulse at the airport, where prices aren’t exactly known to be low.

Emphasise quality over quantity

Some people buy loads of cheap clothing at the last minute before their flight, only to then barely use it as it looks so terrible, or use it and find it falling apart only a year or two after purchase.

When it comes to holiday clothing, it really does pay to choose quality over quantity. A few good-looking, well-chosen items will be mainstays of your wardrobe for years to come. They will also flatter your figure and make you feel good when you are on holiday.

Don’t overspend or fall for false economies when you are shopping for holiday clothing! Top retailers like TK Maxx, Debenhams and ASOS are always offering great deals on summer fashion, so you really do have no excuse for over-indulging on costly but poor quality garments.

Take a look at the Money Advice Service’s suggestions on how you can save money for a holiday.