Indeed, nowadays, there are so many ways to have a great pastime and earn additional money at the same time that one simply is at a loss of opportunities, e.g. new slot sites no deposit, online bingo and many others. But how were people spending their free time just a few centuries ago and what were the methods of making money?

Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia

Bingo is a game that is played around the world with different variations. Its history started in the 15th century in Italy, where people were playing a lottery called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” every week.

A little bit later this same game appeared in France, where it was called simply “La Lotto”. French version of current Bingo already had the features that represent the modern one. For instance, “La Lotto” players got individual gaming cards, each with 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical columns. The numbers were written in lines as well as columns and none of the gaming cards had a copy. All of them were unique and one of a kind. During the game somebody had to take a number out of a bag and say it to the players. If a player sees this number on a card, he/she had to cross it out. In such a way, the person who crosses the whole line out first – wins. 

“Beano” – Bingo!

“Lotto” variations were popular all over Europe, yet not as much as in America when it was introduced there by a traveling worker. During the time of the Great Depression, Erwin Lough was traveling through the country and playing the game “Beano”, which was just one of the European “Lotto” variations. When a player managed to cross out the line of numbers, he/she had to shout – “Beano”.

Erwin clearly saw how this particular game excites people of all ages and decided to create another its version that could be played at home. Playing once with his friends, one woman was always mistakenly shouting “Bingo!”, which was later used by Lough as the title of the game.

Our times

Nowadays, Bingo is at a pick of its popularity, since it can be played with real lottery cards as well as online. Due to such a huge popularity, multiple drawings of lottery take place on a regular basis giving people a chance to win large sums of money.

The game became popular all over the world because the rules are simple and the process is profitable. Furthermore, Bingo is considered to be a social game that supposes communication among players. Earlier it was mainly a game played only by 40+ women, whereas nowadays, lots of young people tend to play it on the internet and the number of young players is only growing. In a modern online Bingo game, it takes only a few minutes to define a game number. The game becomes quicker and more thrilling, as there is an opportunity to win more often. So, let’s see what future brings – it might be that soon our present will become a history.