The fact that a lot of travellers don’t even look in the Business Class (or First Class) column when booking a flight to their next destination says a lot about the whole purpose of travelling, especially if you’re travelling for leisure. The phrase “it’s not about the destination, but rather about the journey” is turned on its head completely because in this particular instance, it is indeed about the destination. Even those passengers flying First or Business Class would avoid having to take a flight altogether if teleporting was a real option. That’s why there are far better ways to visit and travel just any destination you have on your itinerary, but more so for places like Croatia.

Choose the Maritime over Air Travel

Going with an alternative transport option to flying is probably something many more travellers would consider if they knew of the options available to them, but for travelling overseas the only other real option is travelling by sea. Yes, it takes considerably longer, but then again you’re not travelling for business. Are you? Besides, travelling by sea has a lot more to offer than what you may think, especially if you associate cruises with middle-aged retirees that are exercising a very slow and laid-back way of living out their lifelong dreams of seeing the world.

Those cruises aboard the mammoth ships of a big global cruise line have a world of entertainment and luxury on offer. It’s not all that different from having booked a hotel at a prestigious casino resort with all the amenities to go with, including nightclubs, swimming pools with typical poolside entertainment, a casino floor for some gambling, a spa or gym, a theatre, etc. The list goes on and on and cruising is indeed no different to enjoying a stay in a floating casino-resort hotel, except you can lay your head down to go to sleep in one time-zone and wake up in a different one eight hours later, or however long you sleep.

If you’re still not too convinced, there’s always the option of bumping up the luxury a few notches and going for a little bit more of an intimate maritime option of visiting your next destination. In the specific case of hitting Croatia, luxury cruises to the Adriatic fit the bill perfectly. These make for a refreshing alternative to both air travel and the big moving mass that is a cruise ship. One gets to enjoy a little bit more of an intimate feel to their cruise, taking in all the uniquely beautiful surroundings the Adriatic has to offer, all while basking in the lap of luxury of course.

Apart from the various walking tours on offer as part of the docking itinerary, entering a country such as Croatia by sea reveals a whole lot more of her beauty than you’d otherwise have the opportunity to witness you if you simply jetted straight into the airport.

Taking a luxury cruise is indeed the best way to travel to a destination like Croatia, otherwise it’s something you should still consider if you travelled by air and you’re seeking to get better acquainted with the many layers of the Adriatic.