Travelling can definitely be made easier with the use of smartphones and applications. However, not all applications are adapted to every country in the world. When you travel to Asia, it’s worth noting that the apps you usually use may not be popular in the country you go to. Fret not, here’s a handy guide of mobile applications that will help you navigate through Asia.

Booking apps

  • com: is available on the website, but it allows you to search and book hotels all around the world.
  • Agoda: This is another hotel booking platform but with a strong focus on Asia. Thanks to Agoda, you are sure to get the best hotel deals in Asia.
  • Airbnb: While Airbnb is not as prevalent in Asia as it is in North America and Europe, you can still find many options in Asia. Flat sharing is a great way to experience the destination like a local. It is also an economical way to travel if you are on a tight budget.

Trip planning

  • Tripadvisor: for recommendations and reviews from fellow travellers, be sure to check out TripAdvisor. The reviews will give you an idea of what a place, a service or an activity is like. You can also learn from others’ experiences to make your trip better.
  • Google Trips: This app makes planning easy. It syncs with your Google account to get information such as flight details, hotel reservations and automatically creates a trip for you. From then, you can search for points of interests, transportation information, food and drinks, and more.


While it’s fun to pick up a tourist map at the airport and figure your own way around, a mobile map is always handy, especially when you are lost.

  • CityMapper: it is your guide wherever you go in the big cities of Asia as Singapore, Hong-Kong, Seoul or Tokyo. More than just a map, the application gives you the direction to where you want to go. It also gives you information on the means of transportation, such as subway, taxi, or by foot, estimated travel duration, arrival time and price. CityMapper also has a function that allows you to know when a bus or a train will come, a very useful app for if you plan to travel by public transport.
  • Maps or Google Map: if you use an iPhone, then the “Maps” app by Apple will be handy. It can locate your current location, calculate the distance as well as gives you the direction of where you want to go. If you don’t use an iPhone, then Google Map is a great alternative.
  • Baidu: China is the country where all your map applications will not be so useful. If you travel to China, then you will need to use the local application, Baidu. It has the same functionalities as Google Map, like location, direction, but it also offers information like nearby attractions and entertainment. The downside is that the information is in Chinese.
  • Google Offline Map: When you are travelling, chances are that you won’t be able to have easy access to the internet at all times. Hence, an application that allows you to download the maps and access them offline will be helpful.


  • Uber: As you probably know, Uber is an application that connects users and people who want to offer a service of a private driver. In general, it is not hard to find an Uber car in developed cities in Asia.
  • Grab: This app allows you to reserve a taxi without the need to hail it on the street. If you got a small budget, Grab also offers a similar service to Uber’s thanks to its many private drivers. One sure thing, it’ll not be hard for you to get around in Asia.

Messaging apps

The application allows you to make calls, send messages, files as long as you are connected to the internet. It’s free to download and is an easy way to keep in touch with your family without having to pay a horrendous phone bill.

  • Whatsapp: Whatsapp is popular in many countries in Asia.
  • WeChat (Weixin): if you are travelling in China, then WeChat will be useful for you. It is one of the most used applications in China. More than just a messaging application, it is also a social network where you can share your status, play games, share files, scan QR codes as well as meet new people.
  • Line: Line is used in Japan, Turkmenistan and Thailand. It is also used in China but not as popular as WeChat.
  • Zalo: this messaging app is used popular amongst the Vietnamese. It is useful if you travel to Vietnam.

Currency exchange

  • Xe Currency: Converting currency is often a real headache when we have to know the current rates. With this app, the rate is updated in real time, and you only need to key in the amount you want to calculate.

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