One of the biggest reasons why we love to travel so much is the fact that as many times as you can visit just one destination, every other visit will almost never be the same as any previous one. You can book the exact same accommodation and even take part in the same activities you did last time, but the dynamics surrounding the entire trip will likely have a lot of variations to make each trip a unique experience. It could be the weather, or perhaps a chance-meeting with a stranger that goes on to be a lifelong friend, or it could even be a moment of inspiration which hits you in such a way that you just know something like that would never have happened in any other part of the world.

For all the variables which come into play when travelling however, it’s always good to have them work out in your favour. With some proper planning, any destination you visit can be made the most of by taking into account elements such as the weather, peak-tourist seasons, the political landscape, etc. On this particular instance our focus falls squarely on Romania’s capital as we explore the best time of the year to visit Bucharest.


Taking into account the weather, this large city which is still witnessing a post-communism boom has a lot to offer by way of quaint, historical landmarks for sightseeing and a lot of fun outdoor activities tourists will revel in. The tricky bit however is that the region’s climate sees temperatures ranging very widely from extreme cold to extreme heat. There are some great Bucharest apartments for rent which will have you enjoy a comfortable stay, but even the best accommodation that any city has to offer can get boring really fast if you’re forced to stay indoors due to extreme weather outside. With that in mind, Bucharest’s weather is on its best behaviour from the start of April right through June. Prior to April it can still get really cold with thick snowfall, and beyond the month of June it starts to get a bit too hot. You’ll still have to contend with the high possibility of rainfall however, but this period between April and June really is the best that Bucharest has to offer in terms of the most tourist-friendly season.


The weather naturally makes for the main consideration when you’re thinking about the best time of the year to visit Bucharest as it simply sets the scene for the experiences you can explore. The great outdoors will have nothing to offer you if it’s bitingly cold and you won’t get much sightseeing in if it’s overcast and raining either. Otherwise it is indeed the beginning of the brief spring in April through June, when summer is just about to get into full swing that you’ll enjoy your visit to Bucharest the most. Yes, this is a bit of a weather-induced peak-tourist season, but then the relatively high “tourist-season” prices for accommodation, dining and other activities are all worth it if it’s comfort you want.