Do you imagine all those scenes and images from the movie “The Hangover” when you think of the phrase “bachelor party?” All the drinking, the drugs, the strippers too like these va beach strippers for example? Well, considering that things in real life are so much more than meets the eye, planning a trip to celebrate your last days as a single man isn’t just about indulging debauchery and getting monumentally wasted but also finding a destination with the right price tag. Whether you are looking at a whistler bachelor party, or a UK bachelor party – you want to make sure that your fun-packed trip is worth the excitement and money! The year 2019 is just around the corner so if you intend on getting married soon but don’t know where to spend your bachelor weekend, here are some cities which will surely suit not just your tastes and preferences but your budget, too.


Romania is more than just Dracula’s native country from which myths of vampires spread across Hollywood. Bachelor activities in Bucharest are famous throughout Europe thanks to its exciting nightlife scene and very affordable prices. The city is teeming with tree-lined boulevards, French-inspired architecture, and it houses the second largest building in the world, just behind the renowned Pentagon. Bucharest promises high-class entertainment that won’t rob you of your money so check out for yourself why this European capital is the center for education, fast internet speed, and, of course, good old bachelor leisure.


Latvia’s capital offers one of the best deals for your 2019 bachelor escape. Just over $130 per weekend is enough for you to enjoy every amenity possible full to the brim. Some of the best bachelor activities in Riga include firearm shooting, guided pub crawls, and all sorts of ongoing parties with beautiful women and classy drinks. This Baltic region is where East, West, and Northern Europe meld together so you will enjoy not just the festive side of Riga but also it’s cultural amalgamation found nowhere else in the world.


The Queen of Danube is one of the most prosperous cities in Eastern Europe, wringing in more money from tourism than the rest of the country’s cities combined. All of the bachelor activities are focused in Budapest downtown, where you will find a myriad of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment spots perfect for indulging those stag appetites. Hungary’s capital boasts high-quality standards for an affordable price so not only will you have an unforgettable time with your friends but your wallet will thank you for it.


Prague is, without a doubt, the bachelor capital of the entire European continent. This is not just because of the quality of beer that local breweries produce but each pint costs less than $1! Yes, the Czech Republic’s capital your top destination for getting hammered like a gentleman. Local populace knows its English language perfectly good, food is savory, and the bustling well-preserved historic streets are teeming with bachelor activities, which will constantly keep you on the move.


Naturally, the European continent is vast and full of destination options for your weekend of clean unadulterated bachelor fun. Word of advice: check out the Eastern block of Europe. To everyone’s surprise, it is packed with all sorts of attractions and activities that will provide you with a unique traveling experience without robbing you of your money as the West can. The year 2019 is all about exploration into the unknown so gather your friends and get that party started!