Travelling can bring lots of fun and enjoyment, but that only comes with proper planning and enough preparation. It is not easy to do this because there are so many things to take care of before travelling.


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To start with, you will not need just money but enough money to take care of your entire trip. You can get this from your savings of from fundraising probably in one of the best fundraising sites. Having gotten the money, you will need to ensure that you have the proper documents like travel visas and passports and other travel documents. To be on the safe side, you will need to take the required vaccinations and purchase a travel insurance cover. The last steps are to book your flight then finishes the packing, and you are off.

Although you might do everything that is required of any traveler, travelling can bring a countless number of possibilities which can be both good and bad. Don’t expect that things will go as planned without any challenges. What happens if you get robbed, lose your passport or get food poisoning? The weather too might change suddenly ruining all of your plans. The bottom line is this: are you prepared for any situation that may arise during your travel?

Travelers are usually gotten unawares because they underestimate some basic and important travel tips on things to carry along. They include the following:

Extra copies of documents


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The common problem that most travelers face is robbery. This can happen while travelling or even in the hotel room. Apart from losing money, there is also a high possibility of losing your documents like passport, travel insurance papers and even credit cards. When this happens, you have to file a police report which is usually made easy if you have copies of these documents.

Backup cards and a little cash

Although credit cards work everywhere, and many people have gotten used to it, it may fail to work at certain places. Also, you never know when your bank account can be locked for any reason, and you are unable to use your card. So, as any of this can happen, you don’t need to go through hell before things are restored. Having emergency cash with you is crucial during travel.

This also brings up the issue of security – as credit cards are connected to credit facilities, in the unfortunate event that these are lost or stolen, the damage to your personal finances could potentially be devastating. This can make it worth considering a safer, alternative method of payment, such as a prepaid card , as these can help to effectively mitigate these risks.

Multipurpose wear

You will want to feel as comfortable as possible during your trip, but that means you will have to pack a lot. Extra luggage attracts fees and brings lots of inconveniences, and the best way to reduce them is to use multipurpose gear. Pack shoes that will function well for walking as well as good for an evening out.

An umbrella

Packing an umbrella might seem odd especially if your weather inquiries spell sunny conditions all through. Rains are bound to drop unexpectedly even in the sunny equatorial beaches. It could also rain while you are on the street or while exiting the airport and you will be thankful that you carried your umbrella along.

A flashlight

Depending on the places you intend to visit, it is possible to go for a hike and night sets in before you are back to your hotel. Also, it is possible for power to go out unexpectedly and you will wish for a flashlight.

First aid kit

While you can find good medicine anywhere in the world, having a small first aid kit is important while travelling. Include painkillers, drops, scissors, bandages, ointments and antibiotics just in case of an emergency.

These travel tips are helpful because the things that you underestimate can save you from lots of travel nightmares.