It’s an unfortunate fact of life that you can’t charter a plane for the exact time of day you want, unless you’re rich and you have a private jet of course! Because of that, we have to fall in line with airline schedules, an a lot of the time that means we have to arrive at the airport early, which often means getting up at the crack of dawn, or even earlier!

This leads to overtiredness, and if you’re travelling with children especially, can lead to tantrums and tears. It’s because of this I believe booking a night in an airport hotel is the way forward.

Think about it, you can find hotels at most large UK airports, including many Dublin Airport hotels, so you’re never going to be lacking in choice no matter where you fly from, and you have time to spare, meaning relaxation with a capital R!


If you’re worried about the extra cost, don’t be, because there are always bargains to be had, and if you combine your hotel with airport parking, you could find you save big when compared to public transport. It’s a case of weighing up the pros and cons, but this is certainly an extra that I regularly book nowadays.

Speaking of extras, there is one particular add-on that you should never miss. Have a guess? Of course, I mean insurance! You should never attempt to travel without adequate travel insurance, it’s simply not worth the risk, and in the event of a problem, believe me, you’ll be glad you took half an hour out of your time to organise your policy. There are no excuses, because even if you have medical problems, a price comparison search for medical conditions travel insurance will still bring up plenty of competitive quotes. Arrange it, print it out, put it in your bag, and hopefully it won’t be needed, but if it is, it will certainly be your life-line.


Making travel easier and less stressful will certainly mean you have a smoother start to your holiday, and I believe you should enjoy every last second, from the minute you lock your door when leaving for the airport! Don’t get caught up in over-tiredness and tantrums, and if you find your flight is going to mean leaving home super-early then take my advice and stay over in a hotel, I really can’t stress enough what a difference it made to my travel day.

All that’s left to do? Enjoy!