Are you a thrill seeking junkie? Is your next holiday planned around whatever place can offer you the next adventure? If you answer yes to these, then this list is just the right read for you. We have compiled a top 5 of the craziest, fastest and wildest rides around the country for any thrill-seeking enthusiast to salivate over. The USA is a hotspot for amusement parks and theme parks, and throughout the country there are awesome parks that have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

  1. Cedar Point


Located in the bustling town of Sandusky, Ohio- Cedar Point claims to be the rollercoaster capital of the world. They’ve gained this name due to their one scarily fast ride, which speeds along at a blinding 120mph and has drops of a staggering 80 degrees.  Don’t worry though there are also slower child-friendly rides, live entertainment and hundreds of other things to explore.

  1. Legoland


This one is for the child that we have inside of us all, and actual children of course. Legoland is found just 45 minutes out of San Diego in Carlsbad California. There are over 60 rides, live entertainment and a number of games to keep the little ones happy.

  1. Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom


Located in Orlando, Florida- this is one of the most famous theme parks in the world. There are 6 separate magical kingdoms to choose from and there are dozens of rides for visitors of all age groups. Firework shows, food, singers, Disney Princesses, parades, drinks and more make this theme park the most family friendly in the USA. You buy Orlando Park Tickets online to save money.

  1. Knoebels


This small-but-amazing amusement park is located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania and it is completely unique in that it allows free access to visitors and their dogs. Rides are priced at around $3, which makes this not just a fun way to spend the day but also a cheap way to do so. Their new steel roller coaster “The Impulse” is completely nerve-wracking and drops out at 90-degree angles. There is food and drink on site to keep all those hungry bellies at bay.

  1. Six Flags Magic Mountain


The six flags magic mountain can be found in Valencia, California and it is another firm family favorite in the USA, and for good reason too. The ever-popular Batman Ride rollercoaster is one of the most ridden in the park and for little ones the Apocalypse is a bit slower and maybe a little less hair-raising. The park also has tons of food and drink stall, live shows, Looney Tune shows, meet and greet and many other things to ensure that you have a great day.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing amusement parks in the USA and you will find some sort of ride in most parts if the country. But if you and your family are looking for a new adrenaline seeking way to spend a holiday- then the five parks above are your best bet.