The Miami to New York route is one of the best road trips to take in the USA, with so many fantastic stops along the way the road trip is great to take alone, with friends or with a family. The coastal route will make sure you take in some of the most amazing beaches and get breath taking views all along the way. You can keep the trip to under a week but to get a chance to see everything you can even extend it to a month.

From one great city to another, Miami and New York will never fail to disappoint. The bustling busy atmosphere of both can be truly appreciated when dived by the beauty of the American scenery. There are many routes you can take but the trip will be upwards of 1,200miles, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to see a lot of what the USA has to offer.


Orlando is the perfect destination for people of all ages and is just a short trip from the starting point of Miami. With attractions like Disney Land and the infamous Orlando Universal Studies, it is not a place to miss out. There’s good reason why Orlando is one of the most popular destinations in Florida so including the city in your road trip is a must.

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As the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville has countless attractions and sites to keep you occupied for days. It’s worth spending a few nights in Jacksonville so you can really get a feel of the city life. Taking a day trip to the Jacksonville zoo or one of the museums, like the museum of art and gardens, is sure to make a memorable experience.



Charleston is a must see stop on the road trip, commonly known as an artist’s paradise the city is one of the most beautiful stops on the trip. If you time you trip to coincide with the Charleston Performing arts festival you will be in for an experience of a lifetime as the city really comes alive.


Washington DC

The capital of the United States of America is one of the last major stops before New York and something you don’t want to miss. From the White House to the Lincoln Memorial you will never be short of things to see in Washington DC. You would be missing out if you didn’t stop to sample some of the famous Washington cuisine. For a taste of real Washington foods try out some of the up-scale restaurants or stop by a street vendor for some authentic City cuisine.


Road Safety

While it is important to stop by all the best sites on your trip, maintaining the safety of your car is even more important. Road trips can take their toll on cars of all sizes and ages, especially the Miami to New York route and the extensive mileage it covers. Before you start you road trip it is essential to get your car checked out to make sure it is road safe for the long trip.

To help drivers get their cars into shape before a trip, Active Insurance has put together an infographic covering everything you need to know. From staying away from common mechanic scams to knowing the real cost of repairs, the handy list has you covered. Knowing the true prices of repairs and avoiding scams will make the bill a lot easier to swallow. Also, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket after the trip in case you met with some road mishap, right? So, it is wise to make sure that you minimize your insurance cost and get it from an affordable company. You can find insurance savings in New York with and other similar sites to get an idea about cheapest car insurance with best coverage options.

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Don’t let the road trip of a lifetime end on a bad note and be prepared for repairs to stay clear of scams.