I’m happy to have fallen into something of a mentor-mentee programme with a holiday property owner I met on one of my latest trips abroad, who is indeed a Brit. The 70+ entrepreneur who doesn’t look anything close to his age is the least brand-conscious person I know, wearing nothing but sponsored t-shirts and vest which he received for free, not giving two hoots about the free advertising he is giving to those who gave him the sponsored attire.

That brought into view just how my own personal growth took me further and further away from being brand-loyal, although I have reason to believe that I am still justified in being brand-conscious, only to a certain extent though. What it demonstrates is that I know exactly what I want and in any case, the only brands I can say I’m loyal to are those which simply deliver on the value I require from them, through whichever product or service they’re offering.

I maintain – as soon as I stop getting the value I want out of a certain brand, it’s as good as non-existent to me until such time as I start getting that value back, so if I had the money to be playing in such leagues, you would perhaps see me driving a BMW for about three years in a row and then suddenly switching to what is largely considered to be their rival in Mercedes Benz! Brand loyalty will only take you so far, benefiting the brands more than it benefits the consumer.

All that said, there is a brand I’ve developed a kind of loyalty to and to reiterate the reason, it’s simply because I’ve been getting the desired value each and every time, without fail. That brand is Jacamo and yes, it is indeed a men’s online clothing brand, but that’s where I go to find some great deals as part of my mobile men’s fashion consulting side-hustle to make up the lifestyle business we’re building around our travelling lifestyle.

There is indeed a Jacamo boot for every occasion, and I mean EVERY occasion!

The wide fit Nubuck Effect Chelsea Boot has more of a unisex design, for example, which means I can wear it myself with more formal outfits or with a smart-casual appearance, while its equally wide-fitting Brogue Chelsea “brother” is clearly for the lads by mere virtue of its colour as part of its slightly different design to that of the Nubuck Effect boot. I often like to pick this pair out for an image consultant client who wants to reinforce their power-dressing effect, as rocking-up with with the Brogue boot having previously worn the Nubuck effect just suggests that you “mean business!”

When the great outdoors are calling and there’s a need for a boot that is not only comfortable but looks great too, the extra wide fit Snowdonia Walking Boot comes into focus as an epitome of just how there is indeed a Jacamo boot for every occasion.

This is brand loyalty that comes from a place of value.