We don’t have the chance to visit a beautiful destination before we book a holiday – but holiday company Club Med have made that a reality, as they have brought Google Street View to the Maldives.

Every budding traveller has probably used Google Street View at some point, planning their next big adventure. Many of us will have tried to imagine the buzz of walking through New York’s Time Square, the heat of the secluded deserts or the bitter chill of the Antarctica.

Up until now, the beautiful island of the Maldives have only been shown in photographs, but Club Med have made virtually walking along the sandy beach a reality, or exploring their flagship 5 hectare resort, Finolhu Villas. You can view the electric blue waters of the Maldives ocean, or can view their 52 villas stretched out along the island – allowing holidaymakers to perfectly plan where to stay and what to do during their visit.

One of the main reasons the Maldives Finolhu Street View has been introduced is to highlight Club Med’s eco-friendly resort, which is powered solely by solar panels on both the buildings and walkways.

Not only can you virtually take a walk around the resort, but you can also watch Club Med’s drone video to see what life is like on the island – and the tranquillity you can experience when you book a holiday to the Maldives.

Watch the video here:

Here at Team Nomad, we believe the best part of the innovative technology is that it allows travellers to experience the island, before they’ve even booked their holiday for the Maldives. So, before you book, you can make an informed decision, so all you have to do once you book is look forward to a relaxing break abroad.