Travelling in a campervan can give you a real sense of freedom and flexibility. But this type of holiday does come with its challenges, and one is finding enough space to store your essentials while you’re on the move – particularly if you’re setting off on a long break.

One way to increase the storage capacity of your vehicle is to invest in a roof rack and roof boxes. Specialist retailers such as Van Demon offer a range of roof racks for vans and should have something to suit yours. There are changes you can make to the inside of your cabin to squeeze in more storage too. Keep reading to discover eight space saving design solutions for inside your camper. 

  1. Car seat organisers

To turn the backs of your van seats into storage units, simply hang fabric organisers from them. These useful accessories come with a number of compartments and can be used to house anything from drinks, to phones, to maps. 

  1. Inside door storage 

The inside of your cupboard doors doesn’t have to be wasted space. By fitting storage hooks and nets to backs of these doors, you can eke out that little extra useable space. This can come in handy for housing anything from pairs of flip-flops to books, paperwork or pieces of tech. You could also fit a small over-the-cabinet-door bin to keep your rubbish neatly tucked away.

  1. Ceiling brackets

By installing brackets, you can mount a range of objects to your camper’s ceiling, freeing up room elsewhere. This is especially useful for keeping long, cumbersome objects such as brooms out of your way. Just make sure the brackets are fixed firmly in place! 

  1. Hanging shelf systems 

Hanging shelf systems are another space saving solution. For example, you could fit a hanging crockery drainage shelf above your sink, saving you room on your countertops. You might also want to install a hanging pantry above your kitchen, or a wardrobe above your bed. 

  1. Velcro patches 

Velcro might not be your first thought when you’re trying to create additional storage, but these hook-and-loop patches can come in handy for keeping a range of items in place. It’s perfect for attaching small, lightweight objects to vertical surfaces in your camper. 

  1. Peg boards 

By including a pegboard in your kitchen area, you’ll be able to attach cooking essentials such as pans and utensils to your wall in order to save cupboard space. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that you have pans and utensils with holes in their handles too. 

  1. Bedside caddy 

A bedside caddy can make a perfect substitute for a permanent bedside table. These collapsible fabric storage solutions give you a place to keep a torch, book, bottle or water and more within easy reach. 

  1. Packing cubes 

So that you don’t have to tip the contents of your bags or suitcases out each time you need to reach the items at the bottom, it’s worthwhile investing in some packing cubes. These compact fabric containers fit inside your cases and help to keep the contents separate. They make it much easier to keep things tidy in your van.

The inside of your camper may always feel snug, but by following tips like these, you should find you can fit everything you need into your van.