Smart gadgets are continuing to add value to our life every possible way. But when it comes to travel there are too many smart gadgets that we have seen coming in recent years. No smart travel is no longer just limited to a smart app to guide you on the road. There are actually smarter ways to travel around with sophisticated drinking water bottles, electric campfires, pocket washing machines and more. Besides wearing fashionable UGG boots and sporting a Ted Baker leather jacket, these gadgets will only add to the smart and sophisticated personality of yours.

Here are some of the smartest gadgets and travel equipments for outdoor travel and activities.

  1. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

With this smart and portable system getting clean water on the road will not be a hazard. All you need is to fill up the bag and squeeze it to extract the filtered water ready for drinking. Whether you are climbing mountains or passing through marsh lands of backwater, you can always ensure safe drinking with this.

  1. Portable Washing Machine 

All of us need to wash our clothes even on travel. But doing that quite effortlessly and without any hazard is really a challenge. Well, we have now portable washing machine to allow washing your clothes in just minutes. This is Scrubba portable washing bag that allows scrubbing your dirty clothes within the small bag with detergent and just squeezing the water to dry the clothes. All gets done quite effortlessly.

  1. Solar Charger Bag 

What about making your bag the source of energy? Yes, you can do that thanks to this sophisticated solar charger bag. The portable bag soaking the sunlight offers you enough power to charge all your electric equipments and devices including the cell phones, laptops and other devices. Thanks to this you can never run out of battery charge while traveling around.

  1. CamelBak All Clear Bottle

There cannot be a better thing outdoor than a bottle that can automatically turn any dirty water into crystal clear fresh drinking water. You need to fill up these bottles with dirty water, then turn the UV cap upon it and shake the bottle for just 60 seconds to make the water drinkable. The battery of the bottle is rechargeable offers USB support.

  1. Campfire Defender 

It is not rare among camping travelers to face fire accidents through camp fire, especially in a windy day. What about enjoying total protection from such unwanted incidents? Well, the Campfire Defender can protect your camp from the fire catching the wild wind and spreading out. It is compact, portable and extremely lightweight, just the perfect equipment for campers.

  1. Emo Helio Pressure Shower

Do you want to enjoy a shower bath while traveling? Well, for such comfort there is already portable shower bags available in all sizes. The Emo Helio Pressure Shower is the best of the lot as per my opinion. Just fill the bag and leave it under the sun and you can have a warm shower bath in less than a hour.

  1. BioLite Campstove with Portable Grill

An outdoor cooking equipment is invaluable if it is smart enough to create electric charge for other devices as well. This smart and compact camp stove is battery powered, rechargeable, capable to generate electric charge from the fire heat and besides cooking can easily charge other devices via USB.

  1. JakPak Waterproof Jacket cum Sleeping Bag cum Tent

This is literally a wonder travel equipment considering the fact that it can work as waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and also as tent. It is wearable as a jacket and by unzipping some material you can turn it into a sleeping bag. When you need to camp you can easily configure it into a sleeping tent.