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There`s always something about celebrities and superstars that enrapture the general public. One of the things that captivate the rest of the world is the topic of celebrity travel, world celebrities are always on the move than the rest of us. What is even more enthralling is watching their travel moves like their choice of vacation, preferred mode of transport, latest designer leather bags and all their nitty-gritty.

Thanks to the snooping, fervent, and inquisitive nature of paparazzi’s combined with the power of the Instagram, we are now able to know when and where our favorite celebrities take their lavish trips to exotic destinations.

There are certain destinations that have a serious star power like the destinations where celebrities like visiting all the time. Like that, one of the best celebrities preferred destination is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which is famous for sight-seeing, exotic food, beautiful star hotels, luxury resorts and stylish brasseries, there`s a lot to love about the city.

Below is a list of the best seven luxury tourist camps in Bangkok for celebrities.

  • The St Regis Bangkok

This world class hotel is synonymous with Ryan Gosling, the main character in ‘Only God Forgives’ movie. Located half a mile from the Central World Plaza and one mile from Jim Thompson`s Museum, The St Regis Bangkok is the true definition of modern luxury and evokes the charm of some of the high-end resorts in Thailand such as the Villa Sanyanga.

  • Four Seasons Resort Bangkok

Back in 2012, the resort had the honor of hosting the President of the United Sates, Barrack Obama. You cannot obviously get a higher profile than the POTUS, so expect a first-rate experience. The resort is replete with the traditional Thai culture blended with modern amenities for a truly thrilling experience.

The resort is located close to Chit Lom and Siam, the main shopping district in Bangkok, thus making the convenience of shopping much easier.

  • Lebua at State Tower

This hotel boasts of luxury suites, hair-raising views, fine dining and iconic rooftop bars. The expensive and classily appointed suites with private and separate balconies (kitchenette, bedroom, and living room) offer an enthralling experience. Its proximity to the shopping and business district makes it an ideal choice for any celebrity wishing to have a memorable time.

  • Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, is one among the best luxury hotels worldwide. The hotel offers exhilarating sightings of the city and breathtaking views of the Chao Phraya. The Oriental hospitality can only be described using the word monumental. The biggest and most special offer from the edifice is perhaps the Riverside verandah and terrace. Lot of celebrities, political and business people prefer to choose this hotel, even Bill Clinton and Josh Cusack stayed here.

  • Nahm

A stay at the Nahm will make you feel the privileges of being served by a celebrity because most of the dishes here are prepared by Chef David Thompson, who is an expert in the making of traditional Thai cuisine and is well known for his cookbooks and chain of high-end restaurants.

  • DusitThani Bangkok

It is still possible to have a serene, quiet and peaceful environment even in a city that holds more than 9.2 M residents. The Dusit is located in downtown Bangkok in the central district of Silom. Even though the building is aging compared to the above-mentioned destinations, the hotel offers legendary services, leisure facilities, and great room amenities.

  • Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok

In 2013, the hotel hosted the Chelsea Football Club during their pre-season training. The riverside hotel offers excellent transportation and tremendous accommodation services.