A few weeks ago, my best friend and her husband went on a short holiday in Israel. I remember the answer I got from her on being asked a simple question- How was your trip? The answer was – It was nice but really travel isn’t cheap! I particularly remember this exclamatory statement of her’s because I got totally astonished with that. When planned correctly, traveling to other countries can be affordable. For people wanting to go to Israel, consider contacting a tour company, like Immanuel-Tours (see here), to see if they could find a good deal.

But I feel such kind of overspending happens only when we go for a trip or vacation which isn’t planned in a budget-friendly way. Actually, the type of travel we are exposed to costs a lot of money. The TV commercials, magazines, ads etc. all lead us to high-end vacations, cruises and resorts. These are the kind of operations which can very well afford to advertise. But, it is possible to go for an extravagant holiday in a comfortable way without spending tons of money. Also, if you don’t want to spend all your savings or overburden your pocket, you can always consider vacation loans that fit your budget and can be easily paid off once you’re back. That still doesn’t mean that your getaway has to cost the world and more, though!

So, next time you plan a vacation to spend some good time with your family or alone, chat with your buddies, travel agents and relatives as well as browse the internet to know about the places that please you the most, just follow these seven effective tips which will definitely keep you in budget. I can assure you on that!

  1. Opt for a reasonable and reliable hotel booking company

The hotel is one of the most important factors you need to consider during a vacation or trip. You must get all your desirable criteria in the hotel you’re staying in. And it will be a cherry on the cake if you get some thrilling discounts while booking a good one. You’ll find a bunch of companies who claim to offer the best hotel at cheap rates. But not all of them actually do what they say.

So, it becomes a tough decision to chose an affordable and trustworthy hotel booking company. Moreover, I can suggest you one of the UK’s leading hotel booking brand- Travelodge, which actually does wonders. You can extensively save your money with travelodge.co.uk while booking.

  1. Get a travel based credit card

When you go for a travel related credit card, you’ll get a lot of signup bonuses. Almost all the leading airlines put forward some interesting bonus packages. These help you to possess thousands of miles without ever spending or flying more than you normally would. You can get upto 30,000-50,000 miles when you sign up for a travel credit card and make one airline booking. You can even multiply the exciting bonuses by adding up a number of users.

  1. Go for off-seasons

Europe might be at its best in summers and winters are alluring in the Caribbean, but you should always try to travel in the shoulder seasons. By shoulder seasons, I mean just before or after the peak seasons. When you travel in such seasons, you can get the exhilarating perks like low prices, nice weather, happily opened restaurants and shops and you’ll get only a few people around you. Shoulder seasons might not give you the best of weathers but that’ll definitely save your bucks.

  1. Explore outside the box

Have you ever thought why are the most popular holiday destinations so costly? It’s all because every one march up to these places. Looking for a beach, but Bali’s a little pricey? Try Seychelles. There are plenty of cities with charm and excitement but that are much less expensive. All you need to do is to browse through the internet. You’ll obviously find some really interesting features hidden in some beautiful places about which you’ve never heard before!!

  1. Be flexible about the flights

If you give a minor tweak in your travel plans, it can save a bundle. Book a flight in the middle of the week instead of weekends. Go for a flight with stops rather than a direct one. These small changes can save you hundreds of pounds which is further multiplied by a number of people travelling!!

  1. Book last-minute when youre not a jet flier

Airline costs tend to rise extremely high when you do the reservation at the last minute. But not all the travelling aspects work the same way. Go for a cruise or bus booking late in the game and it can easily knock down 25% of your bill. Nobody wants to start off an empty ship or bus, so the companies always make a rush to fill up the spaces if they aren’t sold. The best time to do such booking is a couple of weeks before your departure.

  1. Taking a free tour is the smart way

Yes of course, you can pay a standard sightseeing price for the extravagant tours. But in the major and interesting cities of the world, a free walk tour shows you the city’s notable places and makes you understand the culture in a better way. You can also meet the smart and genuine native people of that place. There is also an option for you to use various hospitality sites to connect with the local people who show the visitors all the surrounding places happily.

So, next time you plan a trip to your favourite holiday destination, make sure that you’ve the aforementioned facts in your consideration. This will lead you to enjoy a vacation completely without any tension and without breaking banks!!