When the sun comes out the natural inclination is to head toward the seaside. However, many of us don’t love spending boring afternoons on the beach getting sand in all the wrong places or venturing into a sea that is still far too cold. Some of us want to stick around and make the most of our lovely homes on hot days, we may want to get creative or we may just want to visit somewhere that isn’t the coast. Here is a list of ideas which enable you to make the most of the hottest summer days without having to dodge seagulls, eat sickly doughnuts or get sun burn (well, there is often a risk of that – just make sure you wear a hat and plenty of sunblock).

Zoom Down A Zip Line

What better way to cool down than hurtling off the side of a mountain with a breeze rushing over you and beautiful scenery to admire around you. There are zip wires in various national parks and other area of hills and forestry around the country. There are various locations in Wales ran by Zip World, one of which is the longest zip wire in the world.

Make Your Own Sorbet

Sorbet is marginally healthier than ice cream and, I think, a lot more refreshing. It’s also relatively easy to make! Recipes such as this one from the BBC tell you how to make a summer fruits sorbet with only four ingredients.

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Go To The Cinema

The hot weather is not for everyone, some people like to escape the sun for the nearest and coolest air conditioning, and in my experience that is often the cinema!

Paint a Landscape

A great way to relax and enjoy the pleasant light the sun casts on the countryside is to take a stool, easel and create a water colour or oil painting. There is a great tutorial here on YouTube to give you some tips.

Go To Watch A Local Sporting Fixture

There’s plenty of sporting action which goes on over the summer. Search out your local cricket or tennis club and go along to take in a few games. The quality may not be professional-standard but it will still be entertaining.

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Try Canyoning

If you want to seriously cool down, canyoning entails walking and climbing amongst canyons where often there is icy cold flowing water. It doesn’t get more exhilarating.

Explore the British Isles

The UK has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world which too few of us that live here have actually explored. Book a trip with UK Breakaways to somewhere you have never been before or hop in the car to head for unchartered (well probably chartered, but you know what I mean!) territory.