Moving and stress seem to go hand in hand these days, or at least that’s the perception that a lot of people have. Here we will try and prove that wrong, while giving some useful tips for making a move a positive experience.

1) Embrace the adventure

Whether you are moving to a far-flung country somewhere exotic, or just moving across town to somewhere with a slightly bigger garden, see it as an adventure. You are embarking on the next chapter of your life and that should be celebrated. This is not something to worry about or see as a pain in the backside.

2) Go minimalistic

We have a nagging habit of collecting throughout our lives, and this can end up with us owning copious amounts of ‘stuff’, much of which we could happily do without if pushed. And this is that push! The more things you have to take to your new home, the more of a task it will be. So have a real think about what you need, what you really want and then the rest…dump it. You could even sell it and make a few quid to help you do up your new place.

3) Seek professional help

When moving home it is tempting to think that you can just do it yourself and save a bundle. But removal services are pretty reasonable these days, and you don’t have to do ANY lifting, packing of vans and cars and the cars of your parents, friends, neighbours and anyone else you can bother. Enjoying the move is mych easier when you’re not doing the work. A man in a van service such as Happy2Move could work out cheaper than a removal company, so think on and save yourself some work.


4) Plan ahead

As someone who doesn’t do this enough it’s a bit rich to suggest that you listen to this advice, but leaving your packing to the night before you move is a recipe for hardcore stress and suffering. Try and sort your things out, starting a few weeks before the big move, so by the time moving day comes around you are packed, cool , calm and ready to go.

5) Ditch the kids

If you are ‘blessed’ with children then you will be experienced in the trials and stresses of car journeys. So if you do have to travel back and forth between houses or just supervise the removal service doing the tough work, it will be easier if you’re able to hand the infants over to their grandparents. This will work out better for everyone involved and the move should be a breeze.