Are you yearning for a sunny vacation? Wanting to escape from the humdrum of everyday life and work? If so, it may time for you to escape to a vacation on the beautiful California coast. Few places on earth have as much sun, sand and smiles as California and that is nowhere more evident than at a Welk Resort. Lawrence Welk believed in real estate and entertainment and he seamlessly paired his two loves in the Welk Resorts he established in California. Included here are a few reasons to choose Welk Resorts for your next vacation.

Close to Attractions

Welk Resorts are currently located in San Diego, Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe California. The original resort was built in Escondido, not far from San Diego and boasts close proximity to many of California’s best attractions. Take time to visit Legoland, Aquariums, Wine Tastings, Casinos, Shopping or Zoos in Less than an hour’s drive away! For those who love road trips, you can easily make an endeavor down to Hollywood, Six Flags, or even cross into Mexico!

Great Recreational Opportunities

There is no shortage of fun at Welk Resorts. With golf courses, sporting areas, pools and spas, you will find plenty to fill your time during your stay. Being very family-friendly, Welk offers several pools and water slides for kids to indulge in, including an area for kids to compete in the Welk Water Olympics. For adults there is a secluded, kid-free pool with a nearby spa to relax in after your swim.


Evening Entertainment

Don’t forget to indulge in the nightly attractions during your stay. Welk prides itself on superior entertainment options, with great dinner shows and musical evenings. You and your family can enjoy Family Movie Night or one of the other ever-changing events at the resort. San Diego Welk Resorts even offer a dinner buffet with one of their nightly shows, giving you entertainment and fine dining for a low-cost.

Sublime Luxury Attributes

Each Welk location comes complete with beautiful villas for you and your family. You will have the best amenities of private rooms and an immaculately maintained vacation property without the price tag. Kitchens are present in each villa for cooking meals, but there are other food options available on the property as well. Welks prides itself on creating engaging, relaxing golf courses as well as luxury spa options for the ultimate in luxury relaxation.

TimeShare Opportunities

There are few things more freeing than the option of owning a timeshare in a Welks Resort. You will have the freedom of luxury vacation on your schedule without the outlandish expenses of hotels and entertainment. Nearly every trip to a Welks resort will include countless amenities, entertainment and dining options for your family.