Yes, the fact is that we love Koh Samui and there are 5 main reasons why.  If you are interested in traveling to one of the best islands on the planet then welcome the ravishing Koh Samui island in the south of Thailand with all its attractions, mind-blowing and relaxing nature, irreplaceable and incredible memories and of course, fantastic experience that you won’t gain from any other corner of the earth. Today you’ll start thinking of a cool trip to Koh Samui realizing the following 5 reasons why we love Koh Samui.

Best Place to Stay in Koh Samui

Making the right choice between more than 700 hotels and resorts, and thousands of private villas and beach bungalows is not an easy task for Koh Samui’s visitors. It’s a 228.7 square kilometers island with perfect offers for everyone. The first step for you is to find out the best beach and then the best apartment to stay in Koh Samui. Secondary factors include the activities and plans as they are usually the same for most tourists all over the island.

Relaxing Beaches

So, let’s first decide which are the best places to stay in Koh Samui. So, the best beach on Koh Samui is the Chaweng, where you can rent a house, condo, and villa or book a hotel/hostel/guesthouse depending on your preferences, plans and expectations. Chaweng is a quiet beach where you can relax, listen to the amazing sound of the waves, feel the breeze of the huge palm trees and enjoy the beauty around you. It offers lots of cool activities too including water sports like Jet Pack, Jet Board, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Jet SkiBoat Charters etc.

Golf lovers will have the great opportunity to take special golf courses on the island. Those interested in culture can go for traditional dances, Thai cuisine lessons and the like. There is every kind of activity for people of all age groups from kids to the oldest pensioners. Besides the Chaweng, there is also the fascinating Ban Harn Beach in front of Samui Orchid Resort, which is another great place to choose in Koh Samui.

Massages by the sea

Spa services and massages by the sea are other reasons why you may fall in love with Koh Samui. Everything is so wonderful and relaxing here that you’ll think you are in heaven or in a long-lasting colorful dream. This is something to be compared with a fairy-tale. Who won’t like the idea of lying on a playful blanket on a wooden deck, listening to the quiet sound of the waves while two subtle hands are loosening all tensions of your body? This is perhaps one of the most delightful feelings.

The friendly and smiley Thais

Koh Samui is considered as a land of smiles. Thai people are very friendly, smiley and helpful. They are always there to make your trip as enjoyable as possible (leaving alone scammers). One of the most surprising facts about Thais is that they do have a lot of respect for the elder and there is no screaming in public. This is typical to most Asian cultures and tourists appreciate it.

The food

Although most Thai meals are spicy they are very delicious. Thai cuisine has a worldwide fame and many people like its food. You can eat the same food without too much spice and still feel the touch of the Asian cuisine. There are hundreds of restaurants on Koh Samui offering delicious food. Do your best to try at least the most popular dishes and you’ll surely order some more before your return.