Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is a beautiful archipelago located about 1,750 kilometers east of Northern Australia. Filled with almost 250,000 joyful and hospitable residents, this island nation of 82 small islands of volcanic origin, in which 65 are inhabited, is one of the must-visit tourist destinations of today. With its rich culture that is an amalgam of both modern times and old traditions, you don’t want to miss visiting this beautiful place at least once in your life. Also, since it’s so close to Australia, planning Vanuatu holidays is easy and convenient. With a flight time of just about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, you would be there experiencing its rich culture and beautiful sceneries in no time.

Whether you are there for your honeymoon or just for the adventure, you will never be bored in Vanuatu. With plenty of activities to choose from, there will never be a dull moment during your whole stay there. To give you an idea of how exciting Vanuatu holidays are, here are several things you could do on your stay there:

  1. Have fun in the water. From private pools and beaches to the famous “blue holes” of Espiritu Santo, there are plenty of water activities in Vanuatu. Since it is an archipelago, you have plenty of choices of where to get your next sun tan, some resort even offers massage for a more relaxing vacation. If you don’t like relaxing activities and want something a little bit more adventurous you could try snorkeling and scuba diving. With plenty of diving spots, including the stunning wreck of the cruise ship SS President Coolidge, you would be able to choose whether you want to see underwater nature or go wreck diving to get a spectacular view of sunken ships and planes.
  2. Have fun in the land. Since Vanuatu is an island of volcanic origin, you have access to the beautiful sights of its volcano. Mt. Yasur, the world’s most accessible live volcano, can be viewed from its crater and is considered to be one of the best natural show you’ll even see. You would be able to see the lip of the volcano, as well as the beautiful red glow of its lava and the smoke coming from its crater. If you don’t like volcanoes, you could visit the markets in Port Vila where you could buy anything from paintings and carvings from the natives to souvenirs such as T-shirts and caps. You could also visit the fresh produce market and check out the freshest produce you could ever buy, ranging from live crabs to “chicken in a box”, which is an actual live chicken in a box.
  3. Have fun in the air. If you aren’t afraid of heights then maybe you could try Vanuatu rental helicopters. This 1 ½ hour ride is all you need to explore and see the whole archipelago from above. This would be a great way to propose to your girlfriend or an exciting way to spend an afternoon. There’s also the local tradition of land-diving, where islanders elevate wooden towers which they climb and jump from, all while using only vines tied to their ankles for safety.

Have fun inside. The good thing with Vanuatu is that you don’t even need to go out to have a nice time. With several resorts offering villas and in-house spa, you could get the peaceful and relaxing vacation you have always wanted. With restaurants, bars, and grills scattered everywhere, you have access to local and international cuisine from fresh seafood dishes to even French cuisine.