Are you someone who starts feeling inadequate and tense with the very thought of guests at your home? Well, like many other homeowners across the world, you are suffering from Guest Stress Syndrome. According to an article published by Psychology, such stress if often the result of some undealt cleaning and organising issues that can drive you insane on the guest’s arrival, when you are not prepared well for welcoming them.

Adjusting these guests within your normal living spaces can severely disrupt your daily routine and activities. Many people start looking for some hidden spaces, where they can finish their urgent office work, when their living room and bedroom are occupied by friends and relatives.

In such situations, a guest room can come to the rescue. This room offers guests a separate space, where they themselves create a living space for themselves if they plan to stay at your home for 3-4 days or more.

But how do you design this guest room, such that your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home? Here’s a look at some suggestion from the experts at Guzel Dezayns, known for their beautiful bedding sets and high quality bedding collection.

4 Tips to Design a Stylish Guest Room

  1. Good Quality Furniture: Do not think of the guest room as added expense, opting for low quality furniture to design the room. The furniture should be of high quality, durable and strong, while being comfortable for the guests, which is easy to do when you have access to amazing coupons ( for stores like kohl’s to get the high-quality essentials that you need for your guests. Basic furniture pieces can include a good bed, side tables, coffee table, laptop table, chairs, wardrobe with enough space, etc. Make sure that the furniture matches with the room’s colour, which will only add to the room’s beauty. Take care of the lighting and ambience as well.
  2. The Bed Should be Comfortable: Comfort is the most important thing you should consider when designing the guest bedroom. Make sure that the mattress is of high quality and so is the bedding collection. You can also invest in designer bedding, cushions and pillow covers to make the guests feel special.
  3. Make it Look Spacious: When your guests stay with you, they will need space for their things and to do stuff. So, when arranging the furniture, make sure you are leaving enough space for them to move around easily. You can even make a small room look spacious with the way you arrange the furniture and the colours you use. Lighting can also make a room look more spacious than it is, so choose lights carefully. With custom made drum pendant lighting, for example, you can design your lights specifically for the room they’re going in, helping to tie everything together and make the space look uncluttered.
  4. Separate Bathroom Access: Giving your guests access to a private bathroom will not only aid their privacy but yours as well. Even if there is no separate bathroom you can offer them, make sure that the guests have easy access to the one you have. Your guests will respect you for considering their comfort, pitching you as a good host.

You know what else will pitch you as a good host? It is your choice of good quality linen for the beds, tables, cushions, etc. This is why you should invest in high quality bedding collections for your home.