The one essential gadget you should never forget when travelling is a camera. This is very important to properly document new places you visit, local foods you eat, and experiences you try. As opposed to cellphones, digital cameras are more reliable in taking photos of your vacation.

If you are yet to get one, you should check a selection of camera reviews online to know which one suits your lifestyle and budget. There are tons of options, so take time reading the reviews to find the camera that is worth buying.

Digital cameras, however, can be fragile to carry around in your travel bag and if you are not careful, it will get damaged even before you get to your destination. Avoid this from ruining your vacation, here are some helpful tops to keep your camera safe while travelling:

Use padded cases

Put your camera inside a padded case or bag, so it will be secured. You need to have a separate bag for your other stuff and your camera to protect your gear. If you use a backpack to carry all your things, then make sure it is well-made and of high quality. Heavily padded bags are comfortable to carry around and will absolutely keep your camera from breaking.

Place your camera inside your hand carry luggage

Remember to keep a space for your camera inside your hand carry luggage and not your check-in baggage. When traveling abroad, keep in mind that sometimes handlers don’t transport your bag properly. So, if you put your expensive camera inside it, there’s a tendency it might break. To make sure it is handled properly, simply carry it with you when you board the plane. This gives you a chance to take selfies and pictures of the clouds while up in the air.

Be alert at all times

Whenever you are travelling to a new place, always be alert.  Be attentive to your belongings all the time, especially when you are taking your cameras out. These expensive gadgets attract the attention of thieves and evil doers, so always be mindful of your surroundings. If possible, use a hand or neck strap to keep the cameras attached to you at all times.

Use a lens cap

Protect your camera lens by using a lens cap. Unless you are okay with low quality pictures with scratches and unwanted markings you have to make sure your camera has its lens cap on especially when it is not in use. You can also use a lens hood to protect your lens and avoid hazy photos and sun flare at the same time.

Cameras are prone to get banged around during vacations. Therefore, you need to consider these useful tips mentioned above to keep your beloved gadget safe all throughout your journey. After all, this gadget is the only item that would immortalize the fun memories during your adventures.