We’re always looking for new and exciting places to travel to, and now that 2016 is over we are aiming our sights on somewhere completely new and different. Africa is somewhere that appeals to almost every traveller, and the great thing is that the continent is so huge and diverse that there is literally something for every budget.

South Africa is one of the best African destinations for people that have never visited the continent before – travelling around is easy and almost everyone speaks English. You can book accommodation through airporthotels.com, pitch up at a campsite with your tent, arrange to stay in a backpackers or even use Airbnb to find somewhere to stay.

These are four reasons that we think South Africa is a great travel destination for 2017:

It’s very reasonably priced

The fact that the South African Rand is in a relatively weak state, while not great for the country – does certainly help when it comes to visiting from the UK. The Pound is currently at about 17 to 1 with the Rand right now, and although it fluctuates – you can be sure that your pounds will still go relatively far throughout the year.

The prices in South Africa itself are also a whole lot less than those found in many holiday destinations and the accommodation, restaurants and activities are generally a fraction of the price of what you would pay at home.

Incredible wildlife

South Africa is home to some of Africa’s most awesome wildlife experiences. Firstly, and most famously, it is home to the Big 5: lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Visitors to the country’s most popular national parks are almost guaranteed to see them (remember it’s not under our control though).

However, don’t forget about the other amazing animals found in South Africa. It has breeding colonies of the only penguins found in Africa, the African Rock Penguin, which are found on the country’s southern-most point; there is amazing whale watching and the annual sardine run is something not to be missed.

Incredible city diversity

If it’s diversity that you are looking for, then South Africa is definitely right on the money. There is literally something for everyone in this stunning country – Cape Town is one of the world’s most popular cities and offers a laid back cosmopolitan vibe; contrasted with Johannesburg’s fast-paced electric feel, it feels like another universe all together. Durban is hot, humid and known for its surfing culture, while Pretoria is the country’s business hub.

Natural landscapes

One of South Africa’s defining aspects is its unbelievable natural beauty. The plethora of landscapes is simply too vast to cover in one trip. From the heights of the world famous Table Mountain, to the peaks of the Drakensberg and the crystal clear seas to the stark land of the Kalahari Desert – South Africa is made up of natural beauty such that is seen vary rarely in other parts of the world.

So, we’ve put 2016 behind us and are looking forward to a fun-filled positive 2017 and South Africa looks very tempting indeed.