Most of the time, travelers plan to visit one destination at a time. It’s normal when someone doesn’t have a long period of time to spend traveling. But what if you can take off for a longer time frame and want to maximize that time to see more?

If you are planning to see more than just a couple of places during your next holiday, you can plan ahead for a better experience. Here you’ll find some tips for planning and packing to make things easier as you go from place to place.

Check the Weather

Whether you’re traveling to various areas or places close to one another, make sure you check the weather for all the places you’ll be visiting. One city may be 30 minutes away from the next, but the weather can vary from a little to a lot from your previous destination. Checking the weather forecast will help you determine the best clothes to pack for the entire time you’re away.

Knowing the prospective weather will help guide how you pack, activities you’ll do, and where you stay. If you’re traveling to a climate you’re unfamiliar with, do a little more research to help make sure you’re comfortable. For example, here’s some tips for traveling in colder climates if you’ve never experienced the cold before.

Choose the Right Luggage

Having the right luggage is more important than you may think, and selecting the best luggage set for you is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some things to consider before choosing one.

  • Determine how you’ll get around – Traveling on public transportation, by car, or by foot is something to take into consideration.
  • Checked, Cabin, or Both – Knowing how your luggage will be traveling is crucial because there are size and weight limits to adhere to.
  • Check the weather again – Yes, the weather can influence what type of luggage you bring. If you’re somewhere that may rain, you should look into a hard-shelled luggage set to keep your belongings dry.

Pick Outfits Ahead of Time

After you’ve checked the weather, you can move on to picking outfits you’ll wear. It helps to plan outfits ahead because it can prevent over packing, so you can travel as light as possible. You might even consider bringing clothing items that serve multiple purposes, like a pair of leggings you can dress up or workout in.

When picking outfits, be okay with wearing some items more than once while you’re away. There’s different people in each place so no one but you, and maybe your travel buddy, will know you wore the same outfit a few days ago. Peruse your closets for items that can be mixed and matched together so you have more possibilities for outfits with fewer items.

If you’re a shopper and like buying clothes while on holiday, bring some older items that you’re okay wearing and getting rid of. You won’t even have to worry about needing space for new clothes as you buy them. Search for shops that take clothing donations if your clothing items are still in good condition rather than simply throwing them away.

Here’s some additional tips for packing to travel light.

Laundry on the Go

With the goal of packing as light as possible, you’ll want to plan some time to do laundry when needed. Determine how many days you can go before needing to do laundry. Seek out accommodations with laundry on site or a local laundromat to do ensure you have clean clothes before moving on.

To keep things in order, consider using packing cubes or another method to keep track of what’s dirty and what’s still clean. There’s no point in spending money to wash something that hasn’t been worn yet.

Traveling to multiple places can be easier said than done, but with the right planning and packing care, you’ll spend less time stressing while you’re supposed to be relaxing. All things considered, packing is going to be least of your worries with these tips, so you can focus on planning the fun parts.