Greece is a naturally beautiful location that has been attracting crowds of tourists for a long time. The history of Greece goes way back hundreds of years and is nothing short of fascinating. Apart from the mainland, there are many islands surrounding Greece, of which, up to sixty are inhabited.

Greece rightly stands as one of the chief tourists site in Europe with its excellent Mediterranean weather, blissful beaches and ancient sites full of cultural history. Deciding on where exactly to stay in Greece can be tough, as there’s an abundance of things to see, but many visitors opt for islands like Crete and Mykonos due to the incredible sights and monuments that reside there.

If you’re searching for the locations which offer the best monuments, here are 4 that can’t go unnoticed.

Athens: The Acropolis

This is a well-known stock pile of rocks like no other. It stands in the very heart of Greece, in the modern city of Athens, and has on it some very ancient temples. The Acropolis has been examined by many as the representation of Athens, of Greece and even western civilization.

The temples on Acropolis were erected around the 5th century. Among the three temples, Parthenon stands out from the others as it connects to other ancient sites in the city through a two-kilometer-long walkway at the feet of the temple.

Parthenon itself once stood a gallant temple supported by fifty-eight columns and an elegantly designed roof and body. From the temples at Acropolis, you can also enjoy other ancient tourist sites like the Temple of Zeus, the Roman Forum, Ancient Agora and Kerameikos.

Mykonos: Paraportiani

Paraportiani is a beautiful whitewashed church on the island of Mykonos which attracts a lot of tourists. Even though this is one of the major sites on the island, the rest of Mykonos itself is a gorgeous site to see. Live music, a vibrant night life, wonderful restaurants and fashionable shops make this island a must see for your travels to Greece. There are beautiful sandy beaches on the west coast of Mykonos and many beautiful villas to lodge in whilst on the island. You would never run out of ideas for where to stay in Mykonos that are close to your desired exploration sites.

Greek Mainland: Delphi

While in Greece, you should not miss Delphi. On the lower inclines of the mountain of Parnassus, Delphi was built looking down on a theatrical ravine where the god, Apollo was worshiped. The ancient inhabitants came here while on their spiritual journey to worship the god of healing, light, music and prophecy and the place was sacred to them.

Delphi is now a renowned UNESCO world heritage site and is also the sight of numerous different temples, stadiums and theaters built before the 2nd century (AD). The ruins of these historical sights stand there now with the modern Delphi Archeological Museum, which has a magnificent display of archaeological findings in the area.

Crete: Samaria Gorge

Outdoor enthusiasts will absolutely love a visit to the Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete. This magnificent work of nature measures about 16 kilometers in length, so you wont be short of incredible views whilst trekking. This gives tourists an adventurous activity while in Greece and can take around 7 hours to explore fully, so you may want to set aside an entire day for it.

If an adventurous holiday is what you’re after, then exploring the rocky terrain of the Samaria Gorge should be at the top of your bucket list. This natural monument is on the tentative list for UNESCO world heritage sights. The Samaria National Park is another sight to see while in Crete and the Samaria Gorge rests in the confines of the park.

So, what are you waiting for? Hopefully this list has narrowed down your choice and you’ll be able to select your favorite. You could even try and visit a couple of the above monuments in the one trip!