There are some locations which have always been perfect for a family holiday, and some things never change. Below are 4 fab places which continue to be great spots for a family break…

The Algarve

The Algarve is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Portugal, but they are situated in the southern most region that is known for its abundance of sunshine and blue skies. This can be one of the most interesting places to take your family this year, as there are fishing villages on the cliff areas that are sure to make you feel like you have taken a step back into time. If you are planning a trip to this part of Portugal, keep in mind that it is a very natural part of the country and there are not as many modern amenities as you might get elsewhere. However, that is also a part of the charm, because it gives visitors a chance to forget about technology and spend some time appreciating nature and getting fresh air.


Costa Del Sol

The Costa Del Sol is an area in the southernmost part of Spain that is famous for its coast towns and communities that welcome visitors at all times of the year. It is a site of many famous battles from centuries ago, but in this day and age it is one of the most sought out locations for a European vacation. The Costa Del Sol should be at the top of your “to do” list if you are heading to Spain with the family, because the quaint fishing communities are sure to make you feel at home and take your mind off whatever chaos has entered your life lately. It is a magical part of the country and the ocean is fabulous, so you can count on never having a bad time in this part of Spain.


The most popular of the Greek islands is Crete, which also happens to be the largest one too. It is home to many boaters and vacationers, but it is also an island that a lot of Greek residents live on too. If you are thinking about heading to the Mediterranean, consider staying at a beach resort like Domes of Elounda or a villa in Crete. During the day you can shop in the markets and eat some of the freshest produce in all of the land, and by night time you can look up at the sparkling stars from the beach. The Greeks are also very musical people, so you can count on seeing some dancing and other festivities on the big island.

The Moorings Village Pearl of Florida Keys resort, Islamorada Key, Florida Keys, Florida USA


One of the United State’s most tropical states is Florida, as it is just a few ocean miles away from the Bahamas and home to the great Everglades. This state has a lot to offer its visitors from Disney World, the Epcot Center, pearly white beaches to adventures in the swamps to go alligator watching. Some of the best ocean spots in the world rest alongside Florida’s shores and people travel from near and far just to get a glimpse of them. Staying in a hotel on the beach or renting an RV for a road trip is probably the way to go, so that you can have more time for fun in the sun and general relaxation. If you do rent an RV then make sure your travel insurance covers it for all the drivers in the family!