A budding relationship is always exciting to explore. Especially if you met each other in an abrupt way, like online dating or being set up by friends, it can take a little bit of time to get to know each other. But once you’ve felt out your relationship, you may want to test your boundaries with this new person by taking a romantic trip together. While this may sound like all fun and games, planning a successful romantic trip may be a bit more complicated than you anticipated. So to help you have as much fun as possible traveling with your new significant other, here are three tips for planning a romantic getaway with your new partner.

Make Sure You’re Ready For This Step

Going on a trip with your new significant other sounds like a dream come true, right? Just the two of you for an extended period of time without distractions or intrusions. However, if you’re not quite ready to take this step, a romantic getaway could make for some awkward situations. Carson Griffith, a contributor to Cosmopolitan.com, shares that it’s important that you both feel very comfortable around each other before you leave on your travels. You’re going to be seeing each other at your best and at your worst, so if you feel like you’ll have to sacrifice too much of your personal comforts to avoid potential embarrassments, you may want to postpone your plans for a few more months.

Pick Lodging With Maximum Privacy

While staying in a luxury hotel with a maid, room service and other such amenities is convenient, for a first time trip with your new partner, you may want to forego those extras. Your first time away from home together should be filled with quiet moments together where you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by too much service staff. For this reason, Caroline Costello, a contributor to IndependentTraveler.com, suggests staying in self-catered lodging that gives you maximum privacy. This option gives you the chance to maintain a routine reminiscent of your normal life where you live, cook and eat without outside interruption while still having the excitement of a romantic getaway.

Leave Your Trip Wanting More

Taking a trip together will escalate the intensity of your relationship. Spending almost every waking moment together for a few days may be perfect for you, but it also may be too much too soon. Knowing this, Jag Carrao, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends keeping your vacation relatively short so that you both are able to leave your trip wanting to see more of each other rather than feeling sick of each other. She also suggests spending a little time on your own during the trip to ensure you don’t overdo the quality time.

Traveling with a new romantic partner can bring out the best in your new relationship. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure that this is the case for you on your first traveling adventure with your significant other.