Travel has many positives associated with it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t also bad things to go along with the good. Many people choose to look at the whole of a traveling experience as a positive thing no matter what goes wrong, because they know that they’re learning valuable life lessons, and they’re experiencing other cultures which will help shape the humans that they are.

In the end, it makes great stories to tell your grandchildren…and your epitaph is going to be seriously cool. So while traveling is filled with really great things, it’s also important that you realize the very real dangers associated with travel as well. Though it may not change your disposition or your desire and love for travel, it will hopefully teach you to ere on the side of caution for the sake of your own well being.

Communication Errors Can Be Fatal

When traveling, the chances are very good that you’re going to come against a language barrier. This isn’t so much of a big deal until you end up in some situation that you can’t talk your way out of. Communication is key to everything in life, so safely is lumped into that.

If you’re in the wrong part of town, you order a meal that has something you’re allergic to, or you step on a poisonous plant or critter and you can’t communicate with the locals around you, your very life could be at risk. Best thing you can do is be prepared for this by learning the language before you go, or bringing a tool to help you navigate the communication barrier.

Substance Abuse Is Easy to Come By

Travel and vacation is a time to enjoy yourself and take part of all the libations your heart desires…right? To a point. It’s crucial that you gage your situation and only engage in the responsible amount of alcohol and other substances that your body can physically handle.

It’s also about your circumstances and surroundings. Always have safety nets, and if you feel you’re starting to develop a dependency on something due to a long and wild vacation, take the proper measures to wean yourself off and enjoy responsibly in the first place.

Strange Lands Come With Strange Hazards
Different cultures have different customs and different climates have different environmental hazards. When traveling, be sure to know what you’re walking into. Bring the right coverage to protect yourself from the sun, know what critters lurk where and bring anecdotes incase you get bit or stung. When you’re a foreigner in a land, you’re susceptible to the rules and natural leadings of the land you’re in. Exercise caution.