You are planning on a trip to Europe and you’re all excited and keyed up.  You’re imagining all the fun that you are going to have while there and you are also looking forward to the time you’ll have on the flight. However, at such a time its vital that you have documents with you ready for taking with you.

Below, we discuss three of these.

ID card/ passport for EU nationals

On you being an EU national there is no need for you to reveal your nationalized ID card /or passport while travelling from a border-free Schengen EU nation to a different nation.

Even in the event of you not needing a passport for doing border checks within Schengen region, it’s still always exceedingly recommended that you carry a passport / ID card along for being able to verify your identity on being required, like on being stopped by the law enforcement, at the time of boarding a flight and more. Schengen EU nations could adopt countrywide regulations compelling you to carry documents and papers while you’re there on their area.

Driving licenses, bank, post, / tax cards aren’t accepted as legitimate travel documents / substantiation of identity.

Passport/Visa for a non-EU national

In the event of you being a non-EU national wishing you’re going to require a passport for visiting or travelling within EU. You require a passport:

  • Legitimate for no less than 3 months following the date on which you wish leaving the EU nation you’re visiting
  • Issued less than 10 years earlier

You are also possibly going to require a visa. Make an application for a visa at the consulate/ embassy of the nation you’re going to. On your VISA being from any “Schengen region” nation, it mechanically lets you take a trip to the additional Schengen nations also. In the event of you having a legitimate residence sanction from any of such Schengen nations, it’s as good as a visa. There is a possibility that you’ll require a national visa for visiting non-Schengen nations.

Border representatives in EU nations could ask for additional supporting documents, examples being a proof of lodging, invitation letter, return /round-journey ticket. For the specific requirements you must get in touch with the home consular services of a definite EU country.

There’re several nations whose nationals have no need for visas for visiting EU for a period of three months/ less. The listing of nations whose nationals have need of visas for travelling to UK/ Ireland differs somewhat from additional EU nations.


In the event of you being a resident of an EU nation and you’re going over to a different nation in EU, amongst the documents that you have got to arrange ahead of your holiday is “EHIC card.” This is a card that’s completely gratis and will let you access healthcare of the identical level as that got by inhabitants of that nation. Nevertheless, a common slip-up is to presuppose that this card is a substitute for the travel insurance policy. This is definitely not right. If you have any questions on EHIC view more.

The EHIC isn’t a substitute for travel insurance. It is not going to cover any personal medicinal healthcare/expenses, example being mountain rescue operation in skiing resorts, being boarded on a flight back to Great Britain, therapy on / mislaid/ stolen belongings. Thus it is vital that you’ve the EHIC and also a legitimate personal travel insurance policy. A number of present insurers are adamant that you hold the EHIC, and numerous will not claim the surplus on you having it.