In our day-to-day life we don’t always have time to contemplate life’s worries however travelling gives you the time to reflect- to clear your mind and to wonder about the immense queries of the earth. Those who travel are known to be happier and most content in their lives. I suppose you could say that broadening your outlook and opening your soul to new ways of life is deeply enriching.

There are lots of cool gadgets for those who travel, several of them are just way too great to miss, and others enhance the convenience of your future experiences, nonetheless, others unleash new territories in the technology world. Look what’s cool have a great range of other cool stuff, so it is definitely worth a look! Nifty tools, like the following, have eternally changed the way we travel the world, they are pretty much lifesavers for today’s travellers. Anyone who has ever gotten themselves lost in the woods will know what a nightmare this can be, but being able to keep in touch with others in your group can quite literally get you out of a potentially life-threatening situation, especially when your phone signal is nowhere to be found. Having a gadget like the two-way radios seen over on this page can help tremendously in contacting others and finding your way back to the group or back on the path. Here are some other examples of gadgets you don’t want to leave home without…


Sand-less beach mat.

For all of those beach lover’s (and sandy towel haters) there is a great product that completely eliminates the stress of a towel covered in sand. We all know getting rid of sand is near to impossible; you end up finding it everywhere- even after months of return! It is made from; Two layers of woven polyurethane, one layer lets sand slide completely through, whilst the other deters it. Metal rings are fitted in each corner to facilitate ground stakes; this guarantees that it won’t fly away when it is left.


Inflatable bubble tent.

It is made from robust, high-grade materials; this pump-up bubble tent is an exceptional travel accessory for all alfresco fanatics with a desire for starwatching. So, if you fancy dreaming beneath the dazzling sky, take away the critters, this charming transparent construction could be precisely what you are waiting for. The Inflatable Bubble Tent is spacious enough to facilitate for a small family and comes with a free repair kit, adhesive, and pump.



This one is a personal favourite. Stimulated by the disaster recovery procedures following Hurricane Sandy, goTenna was created to maintain Android or iOS devices connection even when they are without cellular service. It is built with strong materials, a two-way radio and an antenna that uses Bluetooth to pair with a smart phone. This ground breaking technology permits users who own the device to share messages and their location in an instant (within a range of up to 50 miles in ideal conditions).