The young, free, and single might be fine resettling somewhere that doesn’t offer the kind of medical attention you’d expect in the United Kingdom, but older expats need to know that they can count on receiving the attention of world-class doctors, and many will also require access to specialists who can assist with their personal conditions.

Whilst you should be able to grow old gracefully, there are some things that we must come to expect when we get to a certain age. Loss of hearing, aching joints, and deteriorating vision are just some of these issues. But thankfully, there are services that can help with this, such as looking into something like SMILE eye surgery to correct your vision, and wearing hearing aids to help with any loss of hearing. In short, this is why it helps to move to a country that allows its citizens to have access to any medical care that they may need during their time there.

Of course, the appeal of moving abroad is often the ability to live in a warm, sunny environment without having to worry about high costs. Luckily enough, there are plenty of places across the world that can combine outstanding healthcare with balmy days and a low cost of living. Here are just three.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia has earned the top-spot in the healthcare section of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index, so it should definitely be on your radar. The country provides a dual healthcare system that offers excellent public coverage as well as world-class private facilities. The expertise of doctors in Malaysia often outrank what you’ll find at home, and there are plenty of trained specialists.

Malaysia isn’t quite as cheap as other popular expat locations, but you’ll still be able to live well. With a mix of modern cities and pristine beaches, there’s plenty to love.

  1. Costa Rica

Lots of people consider moving to Mexico, but it pays to look a little further south. A government-run universal healthcare system provides high-quality coverage for all residents, but you’ll also be able to locate plenty of private facilities. In fact, many U.S. residents go to Costa Rica to have operations carried out that would have cost significantly more at home.

Add in the country’s beautiful beaches, affordable property, and low cost of living to see what makes Costa Rica so attractive.

  1. Lebanon

Lebanon is a perennial hotspot for UK expats, and it isn’t hard to see why. There’s plenty of culture, a thriving community of expats in most popular areas, a diverse variety of locations, and beautiful homes available to rent for only a few hundred pounds a month.

Better yet, Lebanon has great healthcare. Many doctors will have studied in Western Universities, so speaking English will never be an issue either, which is very useful for those that have recently moved to the country. There are a number of companies that offer great benefits for health insurance in Lebanon too.