While there is always something new to learn or explore during your travels, one section of traveling to a new place that will always take your breath away is the art and culture found in the area. Although you can see almost anything online, there’s something different and magical about seeing a work of art in the flesh. So for those who want more art in their life than what they can buy from distributors like Park West Gallery, here are three amazing places that art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss on their travels.

Florence, Italy

If visual art is what you hope to experience during your travels, then Florence is the perfect place for you to go. ShermansTravel.com shares that when visiting Florence, you can view pieces of art ranging from paintings, sculptures, frescoes, architecture, and more. With museums containing some of the most famous works of art known to the world, you can’t go wrong hoping to feast your eyes on a large amount of art when planning to travel to Florence.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Although Santa Fe, New Mexico isn’t known around the world for being an art capital, the types of art you can experience in this interesting location are definitely worth mentioning. Jennifer Kester, a contributor to Forbes Travel Guide, shares that Santa Fe is home to more than 250 art galleries and art dealers, making art a huge part of the culture of the area.

Not only is the quantity impressive, but so is the quality. In Santa Fe, you can see art created by Georgia O’Keeffe in a museum touting her name as well as beautiful pieces by other artists whose works range all over the map.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Traveling around Russia is an artistic experience in and of itself, and when visiting St. Petersburg, you don’t have to look far to be astounded by the amazing works around you. CNTraveler.com writes that not only does St. Petersburg have museums with visual art, but you can also tour around the city to see architectural beauty or visit numerous theaters or concert halls where you can experience musical art or dance. Aside from these, Russia also has spawned some very well known authors whose literary art has helped to shape the modern world as we know it. There are also things like babushka dolls, native to Russia, which are beautifully made and painted and make for a unique gift. With the amount of arts and culture you can experience in this town, St. Petersburg is a can’t miss for the true art enthusiast.

For those who travel with the hopes of seeing beauty first-hand and taking in sights and sounds they won’t soon forget, consider traveling to one or all of the cities mentioned above to further expand your love and knowledge of global arts and culture.